You can’t buy a Hummer EV because water is leaking into the batteries

If you want a GMC Hummer EV, you can’t get one right now. Did you order one? You will have to wait a little longer to get it. And if you own one, expect a recall as water can seep into the battery case. We all know what happens when you combine water and electricity. GM issued a stop sale order until it has a fix.

Where does water leak in the GMC Hummer?

GMC Hummer EV Pickup | GMC

The recall also includes GM’s Brightdrop EV600 vans with the same layout as the Hummer. A faulty battery seal is the culprit, and GM is currently aware of three incidents where water has taken its toll. Two Hummers would not start and the third was losing power while rolling.

GM claims that the battery box flanges “may not have been properly primed or electrocoated, preventing proper adhesion of the urethane sealant.” It goes on to say that if water is causing problems, “one or more malfunction indicator lights may illuminate” on the driver display.

Unfortunately, water intrusion problems plagued the GMC Hummer. Leaking seals around the A-pillars were the first problem. This affects window switches and also mirror settings. GM issued a technical service bulletin to correct the problem. Owners have also noticed water accumulation around the removable roof panels.

How many Hummer EVs are affected by the recall?

A gray GMC Hummer EV is parked.
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So far the recall involves 735 GMC Hummers and 89 Brightdrop pickup trucks. No accidents or injuries have been reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or GM. Unfortunately, at this time, GM does not have a fix for the leak.

What’s worse is that battery accessibility isn’t that easy to achieve. So dealers may find the recall to take longer than others, but that’s the nature of the problem.

This is not the first recall for water leak problems. A voluntary recall was issued in August for water leaking into high voltage battery connectors. This can cause premature corrosion. The solution was to use sealant applied to the connectors. As this was a voluntary recall, it was not a safety issue. But Hummer owners should be careful and have dealers apply the sealant.

How many recalls has the Hummer had so far?

GMC Hummer EV Towing a boat and launching it
GMC Hummer EV towing a boat | GMC

In March, a taillight software issue resulted in a Hummer recall. It cannot be fixed with over-the-air software updates, even if they are software related. Owners therefore still had to take their vehicle to a dealer to have the problem corrected. Because production was very low at that time, the number of vehicles affected was low. Since that time, GM has slowly increased Hummer production.

With the upcoming Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra EVs using identical layouts to the Hummer, the hunt horse fixes eliminate these issues when production begins. This will also help speed up the production of this series of electric trucks.

To see if your GMC Hummer is affected, you can enter the VIN in the GM Owner Center. You can also contact the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline.

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