Woman Snores After Driving Her Car Into A Mound Of Snow; evictee woman arrested after returning to her former home: Berea police blotter

BEREA, Ohio –

Driving while intoxicated: Depot Street

A 42-year-old Berea woman was arrested around 6:30 p.m. on March 5 after driving her Chevrolet Malibu over a mound of snow and ice on Depot Street, then fell asleep and began snoring.

Paramedics examined the woman and determined that she was uninjured. She smelled of alcohol, her speech was slurred, and her eyes were glassy.

The police asked the woman her name. She gave them her date of birth. She told the police, “Don’t do anything about my truck driving. The police said they had to do their job, to which she replied, “OK, then do your job and take me home.” The woman admitted to having consumed alcohol earlier.

When the police told the woman she would be doing field sobriety tests, she said, “Please don’t do that. Don’t do this to me because I’m going to lose my (trucker’s) licence.

The woman failed field sobriety tests. At the police station, she lost her balance and fell into a trash can. Police found an unopened can of White Claw Hard Seltzer and an unopened bottle of Fire Ball flavored whiskey in her purse.

Troubles, trespasses, resistance to the police: East Bridge Street

A 66-year-old Brunswick woman was arrested around 2 p.m. on March 6 after returning to an East Bridge home from which she had been evicted in January.

The woman had thrown papers all over the house. As police spoke to the woman, the resident who now lived in the house showed police the eviction papers ordering them to leave. The resident wanted to press charges against the woman.

The woman used a profanity against the resident and walked to his car. The police ordered her to stop, but she tried to push an officer in the chest. She sat in the driver’s seat and started her car. The police got her out of the car before she tried to flee.

Shoplifting: East Bagley Road

The manager of Walgreens, 6 East Bagley Road, called police around 4.30pm on March 4 and said an unidentified man had stolen several frozen meals from the store.

A Walgreens employee had seen the man enter the store and believed he was acting suspiciously. The manager approached the man and asked if she could help him. She saw at least two frozen dinners on a shelf of toilet paper in front of the man, who was carrying a backpack.

The man refused help. Shortly after, the manager noticed that the frozen dinners on the toilet paper shelf were gone. She asked the man what happened to the dinners. He said he put them back in the freezer.

The manager knew the man hadn’t put the dinners back in the freezer because he hadn’t walked to that part of the store. The man then left Walgreens without paying anything.

Police searched the area but did not find the man. The manager said the man looked like someone who stole more than $100 worth of merchandise from the store in November or December.

Aggravated burglary: Wyleswood Drive

Five watches, a diamond engagement ring, two gold wedding bands, cufflinks, three men’s dress rings, silver containers with silver certificates and $2 bills, and a spider tie clip with a black stone were stolen between 8 p.m. March 2 and 10 a.m. March 3 from a home on Wyleswood.

The victim found her front door unlocked when she arrived home on the morning of March 3. However, the door was not damaged. He said no one else had the keys to his house.

Speeding, suspected marijuana: Eastland Road

A Parma man, 20, was cited around 9.30pm on March 3 after police caught him driving at 75mph on Eastland heading south near University Street.

Police stopped the man’s Chrysler 300 on Eastland, south of East Bridge Street. When asked why he was driving so fast, the man replied that he had forgotten his car was in “sport mode”.

The police smelled marijuana in the car. They searched the man and his passenger, a 20-year-old Parma, but found nothing. In the car, they found no marijuana, but several items that may be related to marijuana use, including cigarillos, loose tobacco, a cigarette tray, and ashes.

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