Why buy a Cybertruck rather than a Rivian R1T

You’re here and Rivian both are targeting the electric pickup market. Rivian’s R1T is a design evolution of contemporary pickups like the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150. With a traditional design that uses EV technology to create a powerful and engaging EV to drive. Tesla’s Cybertruck looks set to hit the market after numerous delays throughout the pandemic.

The R1T uses Rivian’s platform which also supports production of the R1S, the SUV version of the car. Designed as off-road vehicles with almost 15 inches of ground clearance, Rivian’s models look like the best electric pickup truck on the market. But with a starting price of nearly $80,000. However, the Tesla Cybertruck aims to beat it, with better acceleration, towing performance and more features. Do it at almost half the price.

With better towing capacity, better acceleration and better design, the 2023 Cybertruck beats the Rivian R1T.

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Tesla Cybertruck has a performance advantage over Rivian R1T

Tesla Cybertruck 2022 with a great camping modification
By: Tesla

Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck finally seems ready to hit the market. With its somewhat controversial unveiling, the car took to the stage. Enjoying the strength of the car before breaking the car window. However, with all that aside, Tesla writes, the Cybertruck offers “better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car.”

The particular triangular design incorporates a flat loading area. Tesla designed this space to store a “Cyberquad”, another mythical vehicle of the brand. With lockable storage, a towing capacity of 14,000 lbs and a total payload capacity of 3,500 lbs, the Cybertruck can handle whatever you’re going through. The performance of the Rivian R1T is behind it all.

With a reduced towing capacity of just 11,000 lbs, that’s 3,000 lbs less than the Tesla. Additionally, Rivian’s R1T falls behind when it comes to straight-line speed, hitting 60 mph in about 3 seconds. The Tesla Cybertruck comes in slightly ahead with a 60mph sprint time of 2.9 seconds. Just like with the Tesla Model S Plaid, the company will surely iterate on the model and make it even faster. Maybe even sell a Plaid Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck has better range than Rivian R1T

Rivian R1T before third quarter view hd wallpaper
Via: Cars and Auctions

Rivian is already in the electric van market with the R1T. Rivian is another start-up trying to fill this gap in the market. According to Rivian, the R1T is “A truck built for anything you call a road.” With the truck already on sale instead of existing only in the promises of Elon Musk, Rivian presents accurate statistics. The R1Ts can travel between 260 and 400 miles per charge. Various elements such as the size of the wheels will have an impact on the autonomy of the car. But also the range varies depending on the terrain.

The Cybertruck’s range once again promises better numbers than that, approaching 500 miles. Currently, only one manufacturer is selling an electric vehicle with a range of 500 miles, and that’s Lucid. According to Tesla, the Cybertruck “now enters a new class of strength, speed and versatility – only possible with an all-electric design.” With the first announcement of the Cybertruck, the van would sell for around $40,000. Essentially half the price of the Rivian. A Tesla customer most likely gets more than half the car.

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The Tesla Cybertruck looks like the future

Rear view of the 2022 Tesla Cybertruck all-electric pickup truck
By: Tesla

Tesla’s design incorporates a bunch of new features that increase the usefulness of the car. With a suspension setup that can raise and lower four inches at each end of the car, with unrivaled loading and unloading access. Along with everything a person may need for their outdoor adventures, such as on-board power and compressed air.

By comparison, the Rivian R1T looks more outdated, boasting features like phone connectivity and the Meridian sound system. The Rivian’s marketing aligns more with traditional manufacturers, effectively selling the car on its merits. The Rivian may have better overall build quality than the Tesla. Excluding recent recall relating to car seat belts. Rivian talks about the virtues of cabin interiors taking on mud-repellent properties, like the new Land Rover Defender.

Tesla does not claim the robustness of its cabin. After all, very few Cybertrucks will have a tough life. A futuristic lifestyle truck with a hefty price tag, the car would likely rarely be used for agricultural, industrial, or even rural purposes. Just like the new GMC Hummer EV which incorporates the crab steering function for parking spaces. The Cybertruck will have an urban audience, who will buy it for the prestige.

Tesla’s marketing for the Cybertruck takes a different tack. Heralded by selling the future, the Cybertruck and its buyers must embrace the futurism of the pickup truck and its creator. This philosophy takes its final form in the car’s exoskeleton, a triangle that revises conventional design trends found with the Rivian R1T. The seven rows needed in a three box design are suddenly reduced to three rows.

Tesla and Rivian clearly have different audiences. However, Tesla has better features and specs for a lower price. The only downside is that you can’t get one yet. Production at Tesla’s Texas-based Gigafactory appears to be about to begin, but the company won’t be taking any new orders for some time.

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