Who are the biggest sponsorship partnerships in the Premier League?

We have seen several changes in the way Premier League clubs partner with sponsors since the competition began in 1992. Gone are the days of simply having a main sponsor on the shirt and advertising spaces on the signs around the field. In 2022, the biggest clubs have official partners for all kinds of things, including travel, clothing, watches, tires, wine, spirits, logistics, video games, hotels, coffee, grooming and fuel. However, the biggest sponsorship deals remain on Premier League team shirts and below are some of the biggest sponsorship partnerships in the league.

Having previously been at Chevrolet, Manchester United’s main sponsor has changed for the 2021/22 season. TeamViewer, a software company that has grown tremendously in recent years, is now Manchester United’s main sponsor and they have signed a deal until 2025. The TeamViewer partnership is worth £45m a year to Manchester United, which is an incredible amount of money. Additionally, the Premier League allows clubs to have a sleeve sponsor and Manchester United has Kohler on its sleeves, a manufacturing company specializing in plumbing and sanitation products. The Kohler deal is worth £10million a year for Manchester United and that figure is higher than many main sponsors for most of the Premier League.

For example, Newcastle United receives £6.5 million a year from Fun88, an online casino brand. That’s significantly less than Manchester United’s main sponsorship deal and £3.5m a year less than Manchester United’s sleeve sponsor. The Red Devils may not be top of the league at the moment, but they continue to lead the way in terms of sponsorship partnerships.

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Just below Manchester United in the sponsorship partnership rankings are local rivals Manchester City. The 2020/21 Premier League champions are sponsored by Etihad Airways and the deal is believed to be worth £40million a year. This is the same amount of money as major shirt sponsorship deals Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, who each receive £40million a year for their shirt sponsorship partnerships. Liverpool FC is sponsored by Standard Chartered, Chelsea by Three and Arsenal by Fly Emirates. However, there are some differences in the four clubs’ round sponsorship deals and Chelsea and Arsenal receive £10m respectively from their deals with Hyundai and Visit Rwanda. Liverpool are getting £5m from Western Union, as is Manchester City for their partnership with Nexen Tire.

We then see a drop of £10m a year as we come to Tottenham Hotspur, who have a deal with AIA worth £30m a year. Spurs are the latest Premier League club to have a double-digit title sponsorship partnership. We then cede over £20m to Everton, who are partnered with Cazoo for £9.5m.

So even though the traditional top six in the Premier League have not always finished in the top six positions in recent years, they remain the top six for sponsorship deals. The other 14 Premier League clubs still have a ways to go if they are to rival Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur in terms of sponsorship.

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