Watch This Dodge Challenger Hellcat Destroy Anything GM Can Throw At It

Recent video from Drag Racing and Car Stuff shows a Hellcat villain dismantling a supercharged Chevrolet Camaro, El Camino and a C10 pickup truck.

It is well known that the To dodge Challenger Hellcat is a very fast and powerful vehicle. With that in mind, a recent video from the YouTube channel Drag racing and car stuff shows how fast the Challenger Hellcat is against a range of GM vehicles, including a Camaro, El Camino and GMC pickup truck. Although they are fast vehicles themselves, they are no match for the Hellcat that manages to take all the victories in the drag racing series.

Challenger Hellcats on the drag strip

The first is a black Dodge Hellcat Challenger taking on a yellow 6th generation Chevy Camaro. Once the 1/4 mile race begins, the Camaro manages to stay close to the Challenger for much of the run, but never pulls off the feat of passing the speedy Dodge. The Challenger takes the win against the Camaro at the end with a finish time of 10.86 seconds and a top speed of 128.22 mph against the Camaro which finishes in 11.78 seconds with a top speed of 117, 48mph.

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Next, the Hellcat Challenger takes on a Chevrolet El Camino. The Hellcat does an early burnout before lining up at the start. Immediately after her move, El Camino takes an early lead but the Challenger catches up and overtakes her in no time. After reclaiming first place, the Challenger won the drag race with a finish time of 10.61 seconds and a top speed of 129.26 mph against the El Camino time of 11.60 seconds and a top speed of 114.17 mph.

Hellcats continue impressive performance

Against a GMC pickup, competitor Dodge Hellcat takes the lead but the truck does a good job of closing the gap between the two. However, that’s not enough to win against the Dodge. The Hellcat wins again, with an arrival time of 11.19 seconds and a top speed of 129.00 mph versus the arrival time of 11.63 seconds and a top speed of 113.12 mph. Although the GMC pickup takes the loss, its performance is still impressive because it comes from a time when pickup trucks weren’t performance-oriented or particularly fast.

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The video ends as it began with a Challenger Hellcat taking on the 6th Gen Chevy Camaro. The Hellcat is different from the first but the Camaro seems to be the same. The result, this time, is similar to the two vehicles at the start of the vehicle. Times and top speeds are very close to the Hellcat and Camaro at the start of the race although the Camaro manages to increase its top speed with a finish time of 11.53 seconds and a top speed of 119.61 mph though that’s still not enough to beat the Hellcat’s 10.77-second finish and 129.90 mph top speed.

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