Watch This 1982 Pontiac Trans Am Take Its First Wash In 27 Years, But Will It Start?

If you enjoy watching hours of YouTube videos on car detailing, cleaning, and restorations, then this one is sure to tickle your fancy. AMMO NYC is known for its line of automotive cleaning and detailing products. Larry Kosilla had fun bringing neglected cars to their glory days with his years of expertise in the car detailing industry. And he also manages to entertain us while doing so.

In a recent YouTube video, we saw a dusty old Trans Am revive its heyday. But this was not a normal cleaning and detailing task. The car had been stored in a home garage for over 30 years. As usual, Larry went to check the car. But during the inspection, he fell in love with the Pontiac.

We think his newfound love has a lot to do with his memories of KITT from the iconic series – Knight Rider. He buys it, brings it back, does his magic and more to help this cool ’80s American icon bask in his former glory. But things got more interesting when a die-hard Trans Am fan came along as a potential customer. His mechanic friends tried to bring the engine back to life and the results were shocking.

AMMO NYC’s Larry Kosilla was shocked when this Pontiac Trans Am that sat for nearly 30 years, but the question remains whether all the hard work cleaning it would pay off. Would the Trans Am even start? Keep reading to find out.

AMMO NYC’s Larry Kosilla buys a Dusty Trans Am

AMMO NYC’s Larry has had an increased interest in tackling stacked cars and restoring them to their former glory. And this 1982 Pontiac Trans Am is one of those specimens. Kevin from Atlanta sent an email with pictures of this stacked Trans Am. It’s his grandfather’s car that hasn’t moved an inch for thirty years.

He’ll take a look and know if the person would sell it or just want to detail it for themselves. While on the inspection tour, Larry falls in love with the Trans Am and comes up with the idea of ​​buying it. The owner wants $5,000 for the Trans Am, but they finally shake hands for $4,500 and Larry drives home a dusty but well-preserved ’82 Trans Am.

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Pontiac Trans Am gets its first wash in a long time

Larry then embarks on a fascinating wash and detail session for this untouched Trans Am. After a pre-wash, it soaks the entire car, including the inside of the engine bay, with AMMO-induced foam. It’s amazing what a simple wash can do to a car.

However, he has trouble removing the right front wheel. That’s when his experienced neighbor steps in and helps him. (Remember that neighbor. He helps again later!). The underbody was in surprisingly good condition, but with a fair amount of stains and debris.

But a simple wash was enough to clear the field. After the deep cleaning, it was time to detail. But Larry had a challenge ahead. The one-step paint was much finer, and he had to be very careful and quick with the polishing.

Otherwise, the paint would rub directly on the surface. He used a mowing technique to shine without damaging the fine paint. The before-after comparison shows the impressive transformation. He also polished the wheel covers which are rare products in the Trans Am world.

Rare wheel caps and salvaged interior

This 1982 Pontiac Trans Am had another special feature, in the form of stock wheel covers. These were known at the time to be flimsy and fall off. So most owners would put them away or lose them. Luckily, this Trans Am owner was the previous guy, and he had those four precious hubcaps safe and sound. The interior was in good condition as it was fortunately closed for all these years to the ghosts of nature.

There was mold and some minor damage, but these were fixable. The major repair that was needed included the upholstery pieces that had come loose from behind the seats. It was patched using fabric spray adhesive. The t-top lid was also in salvageable condition with just some mold on it. A complete interior vacuum and disinfection were enough to bring the cabin back to life. Related: 1985-1991 Pontiac Tojan: Costs, Facts & Figures

Trans Am’s V8 comes to life with clouds of smoke

Once the car was ready, the first person to come and take a look at the Trans Am came in a Trans Am! At first glance, he was a die-hard Trans Am fan. He even had a custom t-shirt for it! He was impressed with the visual appeal, but then bought over two of his mechanic friends to check out the engine of the ’82 Trans Am.

After a few tweaks, fitting a new battery and freshening up the fluids, they were able to fire up his 305 Chevy V8 with a single crank. And most shockingly, it got off to a quick start, a little too quick for a car that has stood idle for over 30 years! The guys then stretched all of its 145 horsepower with standing exhaustion and lots of tire smoke. It’s truly fascinating to see a dusty old icon come to life with such vigor.


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