Watch This 1,000 HP Ford Mustang Cobra Build Some Serious Speed ​​On The Drag Strip

Clapd Out continues to test his New Edge Mustang at GALOT Motorsports Park and they end up dialing it up for a solid run against a Chevy Camaro.

The Ford The Mustang started the pony car wars in the 1960s. It’s one of the most iconic muscle cars ever made, in various guises, and epitomizes what it means to go fast. More modern Mustangs have also become very popular when it comes to modifying them and creating dragsters out of them. Like this one on the Clapd Out YouTube channel. This big, mighty turbo Mustang heads to GALOT Motorsports Park to get some shakedown passes after some modifications.

Up close and personal with the Mustang

This loud and powerful Mustang is owned by Rex and it recently had a full wiring installation which consisted of a FuelTech FT600. The video goes on to say that on the dyno this epic car produces around 1,000hp. Although it’s been to a track before, this is the first time the team has been able to really manipulate the power of the Mustang and see what it can really do. 1000hp is a lot and more than enough for the drag strip.

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Let the Mustang rip

We take a look at its first pass on the tape and the car barely moves away from the line. It’s really impressive how fast it seems to go. Unfortunately the car’s boost was cutting out so it wasn’t the cleanest run for the car. There was also more boost on the next pass, so it needed to be fixed urgently so the car could get a clean pass. Time for a third pass attempt and it looked much better and it was so much smoother as it was down the 1/4 mile.

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Something the team can work with

The car has set a new personal best but Clapd Out and Rex keep quiet. What we do know is that the car’s times are pretty quick, so it’s pretty exciting to think about this Mustang’s potential. There are more climbs as night falls, this time with a bit of competition. There’s a solid race against a third-generation Chevrolet Camaro, but the video cuts out before showing 1/4 mile times or trap speeds.

With that in mind, it certainly looks like the boost issues with the Mustang are all sorted. There are other things to sort out with the car, but it sure is one hell of a drag racer. It will certainly go faster as things get better.

Source: Clapd Out YouTube Channel

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