Watch the holiday ads of these famous brands in their Christmas version


It’s never a bad time to market. During the Christmas season, many brands chose to give something to their community and ran some amazingly thoughtful ads.

From the most traditional Christmas backdrops to the modern Santa Claus who doesn’t need reindeer to pull his sleigh, these brands have gotten creative in breaking their usual domain.

In a surprising move, Lamborghini has just released an advertisement about the importance of bravery, spontaneity and authenticity. In one of the more holiday-themed commercials to date, there is a child at his center, he is surrounded by his family in a large country house, as they unwrap presents on Christmas Day. . However, the most exciting turns out to be a controller who can drift a Huracan Evo into their front yard, with a surprise twist at the end.

Italian marque Ferrari did not join a holiday ad, but did showcase its official watch list. It includes all the top movies that feature their models, like Ford vs. Ferrari, Rush, and a lot of classics.

The German brand BMW also splashed out on its Christmas advertising. It has several famous names in the commercial featuring Christoph Waltz and features a Blondie Supercar cameo. Waltz plays a modern day Grinch who arrives at an office for a reunion in what appears to be a 3.0 CS (E9) coupe, only to find out there’s a Christmas party going on. He then does his best to escape it and even hides behind a magnificent Roadster 507. In the end, Christoph Waltz manages to “escape” the office party in an electric BMW iX. SUV finished in Red Aventurine. The ad is funny, creative, and I’m sure a lot of business people can relate to that.

Santa’s reindeer are a fleet of Mercedes-Benz SUVs in the German brand’s Christmas advertisement. This one puts Mrs. Claus at the center of everything when Santa Claus forgets to wrap a girl’s present – a puppy. The ad, titled “Mrs. C”, shows Santa’s wife driving a Mercedes-AMG G63 through the snow and arrives safely at destination to save Christmas. Mercedes-AMG also wished its community Happy Holidays with two iconic red cars: the SL and the Mercedes-AMG GT 63, which you can check out in our gallery.

The other German luxury brand, Audi, could not miss the opportunity to give us a glimpse into the future. This one has Santa Claus, a modern looking older man in an ironed suit who no longer needs a reindeer. Her assistant presents her “new sledWhich is a fully electric Audi RS e-tron GT. When Santa Claus asks “runners», Responds intelligently,«Welcome to the future.

Lincoln’s advertising for this Christmas is for people who live in hot climates. The perfect holidays include a lot of snow, but due to climate change, few of us still enjoy a White Christmas. With the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring, a family returns home on a sunny day and notices through the SUV’s panoramic glass roof that it is snowing. It’s actually a snow machine, and the family have fun in the outdoors while the mother plugs in the vehicle to charge it. An intelligent and adapted advertisement.

Last but not least, this is the most buzzing thing on the internet and my favorite this season. Chevrolet’s heartbreaking, emotional publicity about the loss, love, memory and honor of our loved ones. With a touching story based on a true story, their ad is the longest (around four minutes), and it has a 1966 Chevy Impala Super Sport convertible at its center. But it’s also one of the ads that features more. of models from the brand’s lineup in a city where they have a monopoly, including a Silverado SUV, an Equinox, a Bel Air and an El Camino.

What’s your favorite this year?

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