(Video) I can’t believe the 2022 Chevy Silverado with Super Cruise drives itself, but does it tow itself?

Among all the updates, including a new grille and an updated interior, the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 also has an option for Super Cruise. Only if you get the High Country – for now.

Super Cruise is General Motors’ answer to semi-autonomous driving assistance. It can work with trailers and uses pre-mapped routes that are stored in its system. GM has been developing Super Cruise for a while, and Andre sampled it in a prototype a while back. The Super Cruise feature is only available on compatible roads that are separated from opposing traffic, under the appropriate conditions.

Various GM vehicles can allow hands-free operation with this system, with Cadillac being at the top of the list. The system works with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and uses precise real-time positioning, cameras, sensors and LiDAR mapping data to help detect every curve. He constantly updates himself and understands the art of changing lanes. Over 200,000 miles of highway have been pre-mapped by GM.

2022 gmc sierra 1500 super cruise towing trailer

This system won’t let you mess around. There’s a camera mounted on the steering column that monitors your face. It makes sure that while you are using the system, you pay attention. It makes sure you don’t fall asleep, read a magazine or stare into space. Even at night or if you are wearing glasses, the camera is watching you. It uses infrared images and it will yell at you if you get it wrong. The seat may shake, beep, and may slow the vehicle. The problem is, he may not always listen to you, as Andre discovered.

Super Cruise is like being married to your truck.

In addition to the excellent Super Cruise system, this rig also features a 13.4-inch center display and a large center digital gauge display (which is configurable). Unfortunately, these updates are not available on lower trim Silverado models. With these you are stuck with the old interior and the old technology.

Andre traveled to Palm Springs, CA for the 2023 Chevrolet Silverado launch event. In this video, he walks through the steps to engage Super Cruise and test it in traffic. Enjoy!

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