Try not to laugh as a Chevrolet Monte Carlo loses a wheel while making donuts

We can’t think of a lot of worse things than losing a wheel while driving, but losing a wheel running donuts in a modified Chevrolet Monte Carlo in front of a crowd of onlookers is certainly enough to leave anyone in their face. Red.

This is exactly what recently happened to the owner of a Monte Carlo in the United States and unfortunately for him everything was filmed and shared on social media.

The clip shows the black Monte Carlo performing a series of fierce donuts down the middle of the road. It sits on a set of large chrome wheels with low profile tires and while it’s not clear what other mechanical changes the car has undergone, it looks very nasty, suggesting that its engine has likely been upgraded.

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As the Chevrolet turns, the rear wheel on the driver’s side suddenly flies off. Passers-by quickly assess the damage, and a video uploaded by the car’s owner after the incident reveals that it wasn’t just about the lug nuts not being properly tightened. Instead, the entire hub was ripped from the car, including the brake caliper and brake disc.

Repairing the car won’t come cheap, and it might take a whole new rear axle to get back on the road. Obviously the car is powerful enough and this video shows how important it is to install transmission components that are strong enough to cope with increased power levels if you are doing major engine upgrades.

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