Trump’s ‘TRUTH’ Social Media App Features Fake Chevrolet Truck Accounts GM Disavows



Donald Trump this week launched a new social media app called “TRUTH Social” and Chevrolet was unexpectedly embroiled in controversy over an account he says he has no affiliation with.

Screenshots of the app appearing on Apple’s App Store showed an account called @ChevyTrucks promoting – what else? – Chevrolet trucks. The messages, while harmless, are just a little weird.

A post used in the social media network’s screenshots read, “We’re going electric just like @elon and we’d love to know which vehicle we should start with… our favorite is the classic Chevy Tahoe. Share and comment.

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As well as apparently ignoring that Chevrolet is currently teasing an electric Sierra, the post also suggests that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is on the app. Although he doesn’t use any of their full names, one wonders why the writer would have chosen this point to start exercising plausible deniability.

Another fake message featured in the screenshots includes the following: “The Chevy Avalanche is the mule of the trucks, but it’s definitely fun at the party,” which is almost a complete thought.

The Washington Post has contacted GM for comment. A spokesperson told the outlet that he had “no affiliation with this platform.”

Chevrolet wasn’t the only company whose name was used in fake posts in screenshots promoting the ironically named social media platform. Fox News, The New York Times, Variety and TechCrunch were also drawn into this unusual stunt.

Chevrolet and GM have a vested interest in distancing themselves from the platform managed by Trump’s team. The former president was kicked out of most established social media platforms after his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6.


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