This Classic 1,150 HP Chevy Camaro Eats Muscle Cars For Breakfast

The Musclecars Universe YouTube channel features a 1967 Camaro that has no problem destroying the competition with its 8 1/4 mile time.

In this video with a difference, there’s not only a drag racer that’s quick on its feet, but we also get a behind-the-scenes look at the car with lots of front detail and even cabin footage of its ultra passes. -fast in undressing it.

This particular 1967 Chevy Camaro is a classic car that retains some of its original styling but hints at its power and potential with a huge engine popping out of the hood, parachute and large rear wheels.

Thanks to the video of the Musclecars Universe YouTube channel, we are accompanied by a super Chevy this deserves recognition as it ruins the competition with its 8 second quarter mile times.

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The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Big-Block Turbo Drag Racer

At the start of the video, the car can be seen, parked and sitting quietly, the opposite of its character once it goes wild on the drag strip.

It is a dark red color and is instantly recognizable. The shiny engine is imposing, jutting out of the engine bay through the hood of the classic pony car. The car is a 1967 Chevy Camaro and has an interesting spec sheet which the video host reviews before the car continues to race on the Strip later. It even rolls on the road of events.

Under and above the hood is a 454 CI big-block engine developing north 1,150 hp. The engine runs on E85 fuel and has a new transmission. This drag racer has a personal best quarter-mile time of 8.86 at 151 mph, so the driver is hoping to increase that today.

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Racing A Classic 1967 Chevy Camaro on the quarter mile

1967 Chevrolet Camaro drag racer, rear
Via: YouTube via Musclecars Universe

This turbocharged Chevy Camaro drag racer also includes cameras dotted around the interior, as we can see and hear the car idling and driving and what it looks like inside.

Once the car is on the strip, we can enjoy in-car footage of the front and rear of its quarter-mile passes and how awesome it looks to drive from the vantage point. of the passenger. The initial suspicions are correct and the car is definitely fast. Not only that, but it’s also reliable, as the owner runs it around 300 hp less than the theoretical maximum the powertrain can handle.

The best final run is timed at 8.96 @ 150 mph, which is only a tenth of a second slower than the previous personal best for this classic drag racer. With this car hitting 1/4 mile in under 9 seconds, it can make quick work of almost anything on the street.

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