This Chevrolet C10 LS-Swapped is the pickup truck of your dreams

The fully built Chevy isn’t just a marvel, it can be yours thanks to the giveaway from the RestoMods YouTube channel.

There is nothing more amazing than a classic car, except one that has been lovingly restored to its original beauty, or should we say one that goes above and beyond the call of duty. This is why the RestoMods YouTube Channel is so popular with its fans, especially since they are now offering their 20th restomod.

This time, they chose to work with a Chevrolet C10because they like Chevy and also because it was the ubiquitous work truck in its heyday. So this is what restomod entails and how you can earn it.

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A classic pickup brought back to life

Restomods, as a channel and as a social media presence, gives away cars every three months. This time they have their shortest giveaway yet, in terms of time, especially since money 1970 Chevrolet C10 restomod unlike any other.

The RM team claims that it is restored from scratch. Although it looks like a classic from the outside, it’s modern from the inside and sports a 6.2-liter LS V8 engine under the hood. It further features LS Port Fitech twin-quad EFI fuel injection, Ridetech Air suspension, power brakes, a SilverSport-built 4L65 transmission, Doug Thorley tube headers and much more.

One of the minor but significant changes to the truck that brings it more into the modern age as far as looks go is paint-matched bumpers instead of chrome, which fans will surely appreciate. .

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The Restomod C10 “Chevy Loud, Chevy Proud”

The cool thing about the Chevy C10 and more pickups from this era is that they have a ton of space under the hood, which means when it comes to the motor, the sky is the limit. With a 6.2 liter LS engine, this pickup, finished in a beautiful silver hue, develops 450 hp and looks like an absolute dream.

The team made sure to upgrade all the internal components to better match the truck as well. It is therefore a vehicle that looks like a classic but could easily take on the latest pick-ups because it provides great power from the start.

The suspension also gets a boost to better match all that power as well as today’s roads, which is why this classic rides higher than a stock C10. Plus, everything is adjustable, so you can fold it down when you want it to hug the road instead of rolling high and free. Here is the link to win itfair and honest.

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