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Every start has its fair share of challenges. The automotive industry today has a well-established set of standards, production processes, a ready market, and a futuristic approach to everything built. In 1896, when German automotive pioneer Gottlieb Daimler built the first motor truck, he simply offered a transportation solution to meet the needs of the day. His ideas have become products of monumental influence and importance in modern society.

It was during World War II that the utter utility nature of trucks took on its importance. Jeep built a four-wheel-drive short-wheelbase vehicle with a quarter-ton capacity that proved to be extremely important in military tasks. Over the years, trucks have combined a sporty look, a luxury feel, and incredible utility.

Not all trucks are created equal, some command more attention and respect than others. Some marveled at the world with their outrageous appearance, power, and acceptability. One aspect that proves how valuable trucks can be is the crazy numbers some of them have drawn in at auctions. Craig Jackson, President and CEO of Barrett-Jackson Auction Company noted this. “Vintage trucks, especially Chevrolets, have gained in popularity with collectors to the point of rivaling muscle cars. This list proves that trucks can make attractive sales almost like any other type of car.

1957 Chevrolet 3100 ‘QuikSilver’ – $ 214,500

Lots of people play with their trucks, giving them amazing custom specs that make them stand out. This is exactly what happened to a 1957 Chevrolet 3100 truck. For no less than five years, the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs, Oklahoma customized a truck, the truck nicknamed “Quicksilver,” into such a beautiful piece of jewelry. ‘it is still considered one of the most attractive bespoke trucks ever made.

1957 Chevrolet 3100 'QuikSilver' - $ 214,500

In 2016, the truck drew $ 214,500 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The truck is powered by a Chevy 540 big block engine generating approximately 650 hp. And that’s just how to be extraordinary. Related: These Are The Most Expensive Pickup Trucks Ever

This massive truck goes by the nickname “Full Metal Jacket” and has many admirable custom elements that any wealthy gearbox can pay a heavy price for. From the muffled seams to the beautifully finished Brazilian hardwood bed in hand-brushed nickel, this is clearly something you want to roll around town.

1941 Dodge Power Wagon 'Full Metal Jacket' 1

Via: Barrett-Jackson

America’s Weaver Customs set out to rebuild a military-grade 1941 Dodge Power Wagon into a modern interpretation that is simply amazing. The last time we heard about it was that it grossed $ 126,500 at a Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction in January 2020.

1922 Oldsmobile ‘Jalopy’ Custom – $ 275,0001922 Oldsmobile 'Jalopy' Custom - $ 275,000

A truck that featured on a TV show ended up being an advertised celebrity. The unique Jaloby truck appeared in the Hollywood TV series The Beverly Hillbillies. This truck is based on a 1922 Oldsmobile and is one of five trucks built for the show. After the show ended, the truck took part in parades, rides, races and marches and occasionally appeared in shows such as Worlds of Wheels and Autorama.

Beverly hills

Via: Berrett-Jackson

Barrett-Jackson auctioned off the truck for the hefty sum of $ 275,000 in 2015. With its bold looks, the Jalopy deserves a prominent place in the specialty car category.

1940 Ford Boyd Coddington Pickup – $ 374,0001940 Ford Boyd Coddington Pickup 1

Perhaps the best point to start with this one was held by Body Coddington, a distinguished hotrod enthusiast. The famous customizer is renowned for his clean and unique creations. They propelled him to winning the award for the most beautiful American roadster at the Grand National Roadster Show for a record seven times.

1940 Ford Boyd Coddington Pickup 1.1

Via: Barrett-Jackson

The 1940 pickup in question started in Boyd’s shop, but was finished by another famous enthusiast, Ron Pratte. Boyd Coddington Jr says restoring classic cars isn’t necessarily about profits. “Most people don’t understand that 90% of the time when you build these cars, they’re not making money. The passion for all works is well represented with their cars.

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1955 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup – “Night Train” – $ 220,0001955 Ford F-100 Custom Pickup Truck - says it was “a surprise sale that shocked everyone” when the 1955 Ford F-100 pickup truck sold for $ 200,000 in 2014. The all-black custom pickup truck dubbed the “Night Train” received a 427 Ford small block engine that produced 550 hp. Power is transmitted via a 4-speed automatic overdrive.

and 1955 Ford F-100 Custom Pick-up -

Via: Classic cars for sale

The leather interior receives fresh air from the Vintage Air system and music beams from a 500W remote stereo system. It was definitely a well-deserved performance for the “Night Train”.

1950 Chevrolet 3100 Custom Pickup – $ 205,7001950 Chevrolet 3100 Custom Pickup - $ 205,700

This Chevy truck fell under the hammer in January 201, attracting a tempting price tag of $ 205,700. You will not fail to notice the inviting exterior which is finished in Radiant Silver and Greystone metallic paint. The bumpers are still the original set although they have been redesigned. This car graced the SEMA Las Vegas 2016 show and was one of many trucks brought in to mark Chevy’s 100 years as a truck maker.


Via: Pinterest

The refurbished truck had many modern elements that made it spectacular. It took unique amenities like the billet touch button and one-touch power windows, bringing it on par with modernity. No wonder it passed 200,000 at the 2017 auction.

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1960 Chevrolet El Camino Pickup – $ 126,5001960 Chevrolet El Camino Custom Pickup 1.1

Chevrolet made the charming little El Camino trucks between 1959-60 and 1964-1987. The concept had been borrowed from the standard Chevrolet two-door station wagon and simplified into a cargo and cargo bet. El Camino trucks became very popular in their time for their unique design.

1960 Chevrolet El Camino Custom Pickup 1

Via: Barrett-Jackson

A modified 1960 version went on sale at the 201 Palm Beach Florida auction and fetched $ 126,500. It was a worthwhile investment for a car in which almost all the parts had been personalized.

1957 Chevrolet C-6 Custom Truck – $ 148,5001957 Chevrolet C-6 custom truck

The year is 2011 in Las Vegas and a beautiful Chevrolet C-6 Custom Truck is among the cars at auction. He set a record by winning the GM Design Award in 2009 and the Mothers Choice Award in 2010. According to Barret-Jackson, it took Rodger Lee of Ironworks Speed ​​and Kustom about 7,000 man-hours. to format it.


Via: Berrett-Jackson

The engine is a LS3 402cid engine with Fast XFi with Kinsler stack injection manifold. Looking at this truck you can really see what the legends are made of, the selling price of $ 148,500 is quite justifiable.

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1956 Ford F-100 ‘Snakebit’ Custom – $ 450,00010.1956 Ford F-100 'Snakebit' Custom

You don’t always find a truck that brings in $ 450,000. The 1956 Ford F-100 “Snakebit” sold for that amount in 2014, with the money going to charity. The truck is equipped with a Shelby Mustang GT powertrain mated to a responsive six-speed transmission.

10.1956 Ford F-100 'Snakebit' Custom 1

Via: Pinterest

From Shelby, this truck further borrows primarily steel treatment and an extended wheelbase. Ultimately this truck turns into a giant muscle car that you can’t just take your eyes off of this one of a kind machine.

1969 Ford Bronco ‘Big Oly’ – $ 1.87 million1969 Ford Bronco 'Big Oly' 1

If you are still surprised by the above prices, selling this 1969 Ford Bronco may put you in a coma. The truck competed in and won a trio of Baja races in the 1970s under the leadership of drivers Parnelli Jones and Bill Stroppe.

1969 Ford Bronco 'Big Oly

Via: Pinterest

Dubbed the “Big Oly,” the iconic Bronco is powered by a Ford 351 Windsor V8 engine that produces 390 hp. It is mated to a modified Ford C6 transmission and weighs just 2,620 pounds. Mecum auctioned off this one for a staggering $ 1.87 million in May 2021.


These are the most expensive trucks in 2021

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