Test of the F-150 Lightning, Scout electric SUV, Fisker Pear and Lordstown Endurance: the week in reverse

Which electric trucks got a surge of new bookings after a big price hike?

Could future electric cars do without friction brakes as we know them?

Here’s our look back at the week inside out – right here at Green Car Reports—for the week ending May 13, 2022.

In a long-awaited first review of the F-150 Lightning electric truck, we found even more confidence and refinement than expected, along with some hints of good range and efficiency. It doesn’t reinvent the pickup, but it does make it better in almost every way.

Lordstown Stamina

It was a whole week of twists and turns. The drama of the week award goes to those in Ohio. Things appeared to be touching and going earlier in the week for Lordstown Motors as it still could not signal a final deal with Taiwan’s Foxconn with the terms of their deal just days from the deadline. But with the completion of the sale of the former GM factory to Hon Hai Technology Group, as it is otherwise known, the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup is going into production later this year. It also led to a reaffirmation of Foxconn’s plans to act as contract manufacturer for the upcoming $29,900 Fisker Pear EV from 2024.

In a rumor that turned into reality, Volkswagen confirmed it was reviving the Scout name – yes, the old International Harvester SUV – for an entire brand of US-focused electric SUVs. Will Scout help VW supply mainstream electric vehicles, or will it be another premium niche brand? We’ll see soon.

Teaser for the modern Scout electric SUV and pickup

Teaser for the modern Scout electric SUV and pickup

Since Rivian’s clumsy price hike in March, the electric truck brand has seen 10,000 new bookings, double the trucks it has built since September, at an astonishing average price of $93,000. This is quite a testament to the demand and appeal of these trucks.

Bollinger Motors has announced that Roush Industries will be its manufacturing partner for electric trucks, including platforms and chassis cabs. Bollinger will source the materials, while Roush will assemble them in Michigan. And sorry, the B1 electric SUV and the B2 electric pickup remain postponed indefinitely.

BMW has no plans to give up the gasoline portion of its sales anytime soon, company CEO Oliver Zipse pointed out during a recent roundtable with Green Car Reports and others. coming i5, it makes sense. But Zipse explained more recently that the company’s next Neue Klasse will be different, potentially splitting the 3-Series segment with entirely different gas and electric cars.

DS E Tense Performance prototype

DS E Tense Performance prototype

In one of this week’s most popular tech pieces, we looked at a DS Automobiles prototype from Stellantis that takes Formula E technology and takes one-pedal driving one step further, essentially asking if the electric vehicles of the future could do without friction brakes entirely. .

Three major two-way electric vehicle charging pilot programs have been announced by California utility Pacific Gas & Electric. They will test technologies that could help smooth the grid and prevent brownouts, with up to 1,000 residential customers and hundreds of business customers.

Electric vehicle charging stations remain a potential target for hackers, warns a recent report that appears to rely heavily on the cybersecurity industry looking to sell services. Will charger security become an issue for companies with fleets and centralized smart charging?

Tesla Model 3 2022

Tesla Model 3 2022

During boosting, the “high temperature” of the infotainment screen on some Tesla models may cause the system to slow down or restart, temporarily rendering certain safety-critical features unavailable. This is another item that is causing recall paperwork with the feds but is being addressed with a live fix.

Tesla would push for accelerated development of Panasonic’s larger 4680 cell format, although the supplier has repeatedly pointed out the technical challenges involved.

With a range of 230 miles but a combined weight rating of up to 82,000 pounds, the production version of the semi-electric Freightliner eCascadia revealed this week is a full-fledged Class 8 commercial truck, though it’s intended for short haul . With over a million miles and a “holistic ecosystem” of charging and services on the way, it’s in production later this year as we wait for the Tesla Semi.

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Redline Edition

2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Redline Edition

GM only recently started building 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV models again, but it’s ready to move on and has just unveiled a new Redline Edition for the second year of the Bolt EUV. The rest of the 2023 Chevy Bolt EV lineup continues with, yes, a new shade of red.

Could hydrogen fuel cell conversions of older diesel tractor-trailers help clean up corporate fleets sooner? Two solutions revealed this week could help put new technologies into aging rigs.

electric car” alt=”1991 Nissan FEV concept electric car” width=”640″ height=”507″ data-width=”1024″ data-height=”812″ data-url=”https://images.hgmsites.net/lrg/1991-nissan-fev-electric-car-concept_100840523_l.jpg” src-h=”https://images.hgmsites.net/hug/1991-nissan-fev-electric-car-concept_100840523_h.jpg” data-src=”https://images.hgmsites.net/lrg/1991-nissan-fev-electric-car-concept_100840523_l.jpg” src-l=”https://images.hgmsites.net/lrg/1991-nissan-fev-electric-car-concept_100840523_l.jpg” src-m=”https://images.hgmsites.net/med/1991-nissan-fev-electric-car-concept_100840523_m.jpg” src-s=”https://images.hgmsites.net/sml/1991-nissan-fev-electric-car-concept_100840523_s.jpg” class=”lazy”/>

1991 Nissan FEV concept electric car

Last weekend, we looked at one of the many quirks in electric vehicle history. Long before the Tesla Roadster or the Nissan Leaf, the Nissan FEV electric car could have rivaled the GM EV1. Never more than a prototype, it was a harbinger of the electric vehicle era with its aerodynamic design, heat pump, low rolling resistance tires, solar-powered accessories, energy-intensive construction aluminum and even something akin to fast charging.


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