Tesla Plaid starts in reverse and always passes the Chevy truck, Oops

the Drag racing and car stuff channel on YouTube shared a very unique and interesting video this week. It only lasts a few minutes and there is no real backstory. However, as you can clearly see, the Tesla Model S Plaid starts the drag race upside down. The driver corrects the situation and wins the race, even if the competing vehicle is not difficult to beat.

The Model S Plaid drives a Chevrolet HD diesel-powered pickup truck. The simple fact that the beast truck is the chosen competitor makes us question the situation here as a whole. Did the Model S rider organize this race on purpose and intentionally start in reverse knowing full well he would win anyway?

While the above suggestion certainly could have been the case, it could have been a simple mistake. The driver could have inadvertently started in reverse, although we have to assume that would not be the most realistic explanation. As far as we understand, it would actually be somewhat difficult to make this mistake in the Plaid. So, maybe the car made a bad decision to reverse on its own?

For those who don’t know, the Model S does not have a traditional shifter. Instead, the car “guesses” how to proceed based on the context and the environment. We have heard a few times that the car can choose to go in the wrong direction, especially if there are no obstacles in front or behind it.

As the Model S Plaid nears the line for the race, it stops, of course. It would not be surprising if the car “guesses” that it is parking, then chooses reverse to exit the place.

Having said that, it is important to note that the driver must actually choose “Auto Shift out of Park” before the car attempts to decide on its own direction. In addition, the driver can override the car’s decision at any time using the brake pedal and the touchscreen, which may have been the case here.

Finally, for those drivers who don’t trust the system or just prefer to shift gears on their own, they can do so using a virtual speed strip on the Model S’s touchscreen. , this is precisely why we explained that it could be a multi-step process for the driver to mistakenly proceed in reverse, although it would have been easy to do it on purpose.

Head over to the comments section and let us know what you think happened here. Honestly, we’re just glad no one was hurt. If there had been someone or something behind the Model S it probably wouldn’t have happened, but the idea is a bit scary nonetheless.

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