Tesla Model S Plaid against Chevrolet Silverado

the Team Hoonigan likes to race fast and wild cars against each other, either in their This versus that series or Hoonicorn against the world. For the moment, they are doing their This vs Throw Blanket series, where they pit crazy powerful cars against one of the fastest electric vehicles on the planet. This time they brought Beto and the @ONDGAS team from Houston, TX to race their 2004 Chevy Silverado, with 1,500 hp, against the Plaid Model S.

Compare Chevy and Tesla

The two cars are very different animals. The Model S Plaid develops 1,020 hp thanks to its three electric motors. It’s all-wheel-drive, weighs 4,828 pounds, and has a single-speed automatic transmission. The Silverado meanwhile is quite different. It has 1,500 hp, from a twin-turbocharged 427 LSX engine. It has a Rossler TH 400 three-speed transmission, and it’s lighter than the 4,000-pound Tesla with four-wheel drive. So all the Tesla has going for it, on paper, is its single-speed drivetrain.

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On the drag race

This vs Plaid Silverado Drag Race Long Shot
via Hoonigan’s YouTube channel

The Silverado was actually originally purchased as a daily driver, and then Beto decided he just wanted to go fast, much like Ricky Bobby. So, it looks like the Tesla will have its work cut out to beat this mighty truck. The entire Hoonigan team also predicted that the Silverado would win the duel, easily smoking the Tesla. With the Silverado’s tires warmed up, the two faced off in a 1,000 foot drag race. And the Tesla didn’t stand a chance. The Silverado had an incredible launch off the line that even Tesla’s electric motors couldn’t handle, to leave the Model S Plaid far behind.

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The Silverado shows its authority

This against Plaid Silverado bonus round finish line
via Hoonigan’s YouTube channel

For a second run, Beto gave Jon, who owns the Tesla, a three-car head start and when the truck moves, the Tesla moves. Unfortunately for Jon, he totally missed the start and only moved when the Silverado passed, making it a completely easy win for Beto and his 1,500hp monster. Even with a head start, it’s pretty hard to see how the Tesla would have kept up. For a bonus lap, the two agree on a run with a 30 mph roll for the Tesla at 1,000 feet. And this time the Tesla was able to beat the Silverado by a quarter car length, a great race and a great win for Jon and the Tesla. The Hoonigan guys also left the door open for the Silverado to come and race the Hoonicorn, very exciting!

Source: Hoonigan YouTube Channel

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