Super Bowl 2022 ads: Car ads from BMW, Hyundai, Kia and more

Run a flashy advertisement during the superbowl is great, but boy, how can things get expensive in a hurry. In order to ensure that these massive investments get as many eyeballs as possible, companies will often post their ad spots online early, and 2022 was no exception.

But now, Super Bowl LVI is upon us, and even if you missed the commercials when they first aired during The Big Game, there are plenty of smart car commercials filled with big names to enjoy. Electric vehicles continue to gain market share, so it’s no surprise that there are a lot of ads touting electric vehicles, especially crossover SUVs, and the hardware we need for electric vehicles. recharge. But if you’re looking for a more traditional sports car, or if you’re looking for a used car that won’t bend your wallet until it breaks, there’s also something for you here. .

If you are looking for ads not related to cars from the big game, don’t worry, CNET has you covered theretoo much.

BMW: Arnold’s new outfit is a shock (literally)

BMW has perhaps the most literal Super Bowl automotive ad when it comes to electric vehicles. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Zeus, the Greek god of thunder, and Salma Hayek plays his wife, Hera. The pair decide to hang up their hats and retire to Palm Springs, eventually taking an all-electric BMW iX Crossover SUV.

Carvana: Speak, speak, speak

Everyone knows a talker. You know, the kind of person who likes to share details about their life with any ear that sticks around long enough. That’s the idea behind Carvana’s Super Bowl ad, which sees a pro-oversharing mom enjoying the benefits of buying a used car through Carvana’s service.

Chevrolet: Sopranos redux

General Motors’ Chevrolet division surprised with a clever riff on HBO’s The Sopranos intro sequence, this one featuring a different, younger actor behind the wheel of the new Chevrolet Silverado EV. (We won’t spoil it for you, just watch the ad below.) The spot also includes Alabama 3’s iconic “Woke Up This Morning” as the driving soundtrack.

GM: fucking laser beams

As someone who grew up with Austin Powers movies, I will never be disappointed when I see one of their characters return to the big or small screen. Mike Myers as Doctor Evil, Mindy Sterling as Frau Farbissna, Seth Green as Scott Evil, and Rob Lowe as Number Two – what’s not to dig into? Hopefully we’ll also get some sharks with pesky laser beams strapped to their heads as well as glimpses of new General Motors models like the Chevrolet Silverado EVwhich also received the standalone announcement above.

Hyundai: Time travel with Jason Bateman

Hyundai will not advertise during the Super Bowl, but it has a pretty massive campaign planned around it, with spots during the playoffs and outdoor advertising the week before the big game. In a place touting the new Ioniq 5, Hyundai has hired Jason Bateman to deliver some banter as he travels back in time, taking us from the beginning of human history to… well, the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

Kia: an adorable robot dog

It may be all computer generated, but I’m still a sucker for a cute dog in a car commercial. In Kia’s Super Bowl spot, a robotic dog has a crush on an electric one Kia EV6following it around the city until… well, why waste it when it’s embedded directly below for you?

Nissan: Eugene Levy’s Fabio hair

Did you ever expect Eugene Levy to be an action star with really long hair? Me neither, but that’s the role he plays in Nissan’s Super Bowl ad. Overview of the Z sports car 2023the spot not only features Levy, but also Dave Bautista, Danai Gurira and an appearance by brand ambassador Brie Larson.

Polestar: what it is not

Polestar has launched its first Super Bowl commercial, and the simple 30-second spot spends more time emphasizing what the new EV brand is not instead of what it is. If you were hoping for special effects, mannequins, heartstrings, or puppies, you’re out of luck. But if you’re hoping for a no-frills introduction to a brand you may not be familiar with, then buckle up. And hey, the Volvo offshoot might even throw a little shade over Volkswagen and Tesla while they’re at it.

Toyota: Follow…

Toyota has an unlisted teaser for its Super Bowl ad on YouTube, and like almost every other ad in this roundup, there’s some serious star power involved. He enlisted the help of Tommy Lee Jones, and probably at least one other person with the same last name, to help promote his new Tundra Full Size Pickup Truck.

Vroom: Why leave the couch?

Selling a car can be a real hassle for tuchus, whether it’s cheap people or people who don’t show up when they say they will. That’s the idea behind the Super Bowl ad from Vroom, a service that lets you sell your car online and pick it up. If you’re wondering why the dancing is so good, you can thank La La Land choreographer Mandy Moore (not that one).

Wallbox: electricity is your friend

After purchasing an electric vehicle, you may be considering third-party charging systems for your home. That’s where Wallbox comes in, and its Super Bowl commercial explains how electricity is your friend. It’s based on the real-life story of a man struck by lightning, but the commercial turns right and scares the character of all sources of electricity – until he realizes plugging in his car is a ultimately useful thing to do.

WeatherTech: Special Ops

WeatherTech is more than just weather-resistant, precision-fitted floor mats. To showcase the full range of what it offers, the company’s Super Bowl ad features a team of agents quickly installing just about anything the company sells for your car. It’s probably the least flashy commercial of the bunch, but hey, there’s something to be said to be wise.

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