Stolen Camaros Lead to Crazy Car Chase

What do you get when you add nine car thieves, five Chevrolet Camaros, a helicopter and a whole bunch of police cars? You get a wild and ridiculous chase. This high-speed chase is precisely what happened on the streets of Lansing, Michigan. The chase ended with nine arrests and authorities recovered the muscle cars. So what led to a madcap car chase involving five Camaros and all the police cars the pursuit agencies could muster?

How did the thieves recover the cars?

Nine men entered a Lansing, Michigan General Motors (GM) plant and left with five Chevrolet Camaros under cover of darkness. However, they did not leave without drawing attention to themselves. By early morning, authorities had a lookout (BOLO) for missing sports cars and thieves.

Chevrolet Camaros like these were the career of thieves | GM

What happened in the mad pursuit of the Camaro?

Michigan State Police quickly located the five fleeing Camaros and the high-speed pursuit began. According to MLive News in Michigan, the drivers failed to pull over when police attempted to stop the cars. The chase took the five muscle cars and authorities through multiple counties when the Camaros refused to yield. As more agencies became involved in the pursuit, officers deployed a helicopter to monitor the Camaros. The high-speed chase caused the Camaro thieves to split into two groups.

Stolen Camaros Like This Auto Show Car Lead To A Crazy Car Chase

A Chevrolet Camaro at a car show | Raymond BoydGetty Images

Eventually, law enforcement opted to use tire deflation devices like cleat strips. Several of the Camaros fell prey to tire deflators and crashed. After being chased by police departments for some time, the remaining Camaros crashed. Although the chase continued on foot, law enforcement arrested all of the car thieves.

What happened with the car thieves?

Although no injuries were reported, the police apprehended all of the car thieves. According to Fox2 News Detroit, The police charge the criminals with a series of crimes. Specifically, men are at risk of fleeing and escaping charges, as well as resisting and obstructing the police. Additionally, car thieves would face receiving and concealing a stolen vehicle, as well as charges of conspiracy to commit unlawful acts.

Although authorities recovered all of the Chevrolet Camaros, the thieves crushed several of the cars. It is not known if any of the vehicles are totaled. To finish, Live News in Michigan reports the value of the stolen Camaros is $375,000.

Why steal a Camaro?

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Chevrolet Camaros appear to be new models based on the fact that thieves stole Lansing’s cars. The latest Chevrolet Camaros start with the base 1LT model all the way up to the 3LT. The 1LT, 2LT, and 3LT all come with a 275-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In addition, the LT versions offer an optional 335 horsepower V6. Moving up the ranks will result in a 455-hp 6.2-liter V8. GM offers the big V8 in the LT1, 1SS and 2SS. Finally, if you want to go silly, the ZL1 packs a supercharged V8 killer. If the criminals chose these sinister sports cars, they undoubtedly had animated getaway vehicles. Scroll down to learn more about how car thieves use key fobs to steal from dealerships.

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