Ridiculous Comparison Blames ‘White Privilege’

The “The Game” rapper drew a ridiculous comparison between the recent NASCAR fight and the infamous Oscar slap in the face, and he blamed “white privilege” for the backlash.

By now, NASCAR fans have probably all seen the fight between Joe Gibbs Racing’s Ty Gibbs and JR Motorsports’ Sam Mayer after last Friday night’s race at Martinsville Speedway.

After contact between the two drivers on the final lap of their battle for the $100,000 Dash 4 Cash prize, a prize which ironically was not awarded to either driver, Gibbs was angry with Mayer, despite the fact that Gibbs himself was known to chase everyone. otherwise exactly the same way.

Gibbs damaged his own No. 54 Toyota when he rammed the rear of Mayer’s No. 1 Chevrolet on the recovery lap, and he made additional contact with Mayer’s car in the pits.

After the longtime rivals got out of their cars, a fight ensued.

Gibbs confronted Mayer, and as Mayer removed his helmet, Gibbs pushed him and began to walk away. Mayer confronted Gibbs, who still had his helmet on, to continue the argument, only for Gibbs to start tossing on his head, leaving him with a bloody cut on his lip as well as one above his left eye.

The brawl had NASCAR fans and others talking for a while. But perhaps no take was more bizarre and just plain silly than that of “The Game” rapper, who many fans of the sport had never even heard of before.

In a tweet since deletedhe compared that brawl to the infamous Oscar slap in the face, and he blamed “white privilege” on the fact that Gibbs and Mayer weren’t given 10-year bans from NASCAR.

He is, of course, referring to Will Smith’s 10-year ban from the Academy after taking the stage during the Oscars and slapping Chris Rock.

As you can imagine, The Game’s tweet was deleted after a public backlash. But nothing on the internet is ever truly “deleted,” and fans always had their say (and, of course, some pretended to be outraged, just like him).

Comparing a NASCAR fight – or really a fight between athletes at a sporting event – ​​to a random blow to the head at what is supposed to be a posh awards show is a ridiculous comparison to begin with. While he’s right that violence should never be tolerated, fighting has been a part of NASCAR for decades. We just hope he never watches MMA.

That the rapper attributes the reaction to skin color is just another sign of the times and not the facts.

If Gibbs had taken the stage and slapped Mayer across the face at the NASCAR Awards postseason banquet, that’s probably a different story. But it’s also a story that won’t happen.

But given that not many people watch the Oscars anyway (or even knew they were still a thing before the incident happened), it could have grabbed the headlines and got people talking just as quickly. .

And what about the idea that they got a free pass?

Sure, Mayer probably did, but he didn’t throw any punches either. So why wouldn’t he have one? As for anyone watching the live action and having interests beyond the racial controversy, it was clear that, yes, the fans had a problem with what Gibbs was doing.

So the whole narrative about fans suddenly tolerating violence was way off base.

But when your whole goal is to do nothing more than try to create division and gain attention, you tend to ignore important things like this, as The Game obviously did.

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