Previously Unknown Facts About Chevrolet’s 1,000-horsepower ZZ632 Crate Engine

If you’ve prayed to the racing gods for a way to produce over a thousand naturally aspirated horsepower from a stock big-block crank engine, Chevrolet has your prayers answered. At SEMA 2021 in Las Vegas, the bow tie brand released its new ZZ632 crate engine – a powerful new big-block V8 racing engine available to American customers, with an obviously absurd displacement of 632 cubic inches. It’s just a hair over 10.3 liters, if you prefer to think in metric.

The Chevy ZZ632 big block body engine was a resounding success at the show, even winning the 2021 Best New Product award in the Street Performance product category. And now we finally have a more complete picture of what the ZZ632 will look like when it launches, with new details like its weight and how well it manages to put out 1,004 horsepower with an octane fuel pump. 93 without fan.

Build a better big block

We’ve covered it already, but a key ingredient in the Chevy ZZ632 recipe is its buds. Even the best cylinder heads for mass production automobiles are cast and then machined – a “quick” process that is efficient, but often results in intake and exhaust ports with slightly different sizes and geometries. Since Chevrolet has no plans (to our knowledge) to build more than 200,000 of these engines per year and integrate them into the Equinoxes, the company decided it could buy time to machine billet d. CNC aluminum to make the heads. This technique provides exceptional consistency not only between heads, but between ports, so that each intake and exhaust port circulates gases in exactly the same way, with carefully selected sizing and geometry to maximize performance. debit.

Of course, valves can also be a performance bottleneck. Typically, you want the biggest intake and exhaust valves you can get by with, but the mass of the valve acts as a limiting factor because the heavier a valve, generally, the more likely it is. “Float” at high speed. So, Chevrolet selected valves for the ZZ632 box engine with a huge area and compensated for the mass difference with thin rods. That, plus a super strong, forged and perfectly balanced bottom end, is what allows the ZZ632 crate engine to hit an incredibly high redline at 7,000 rpm.

Peak horsepower comes just before the red line at 6,600 rpm, and peak torque is a thousand rpm less than 5,600 rpm. Peak sound is available at every speed.

When it comes to weight, the ZZ632 – like all big-block Chevy V8s before it – is unmistakably heavy. It tips the scales at 680 pounds, which is about one and a half times the weight of the Chevrolet Corvette‘s 6.2-liter LT2 or Ford’s Coyote V8 5.0-liter twin overhead cam as in the Mustang GT.

The Chevrolet ZZ632 is on presale now for $ 29,499, but that price won’t last long; when actually available, the 1,004-horsepower crate engine will cost $ 37,758.

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