Police warn of a man disabling the vehicles of young women in Mass. – NBC Boston

Police in several communities in Massachusetts are warning the public that a man disabled young women’s vehicles and offered to drive them home.

Milford Police Department said in a Facebook post on Saturday that a man in his thirties flattened tires in the area and filled gas tanks with water. He would drive a blue Chevrolet Impala with Massachusetts plates.

“If your vehicle has a flat tire, DO NOT attempt to start it,” the department wrote. “Call Milford Police at 508-473-1113.”

The police services of franklin, bellingham and Holliston also issued warnings.

“Over the past week, there have been local reports of an individual seeking to disable cars driven by young women. In these situations, the individual may leave air from a tire or add a contaminant at the gas tank and then approach the woman to offer assistance in the form of a battery, air compressor or ride,” Holliston police said. “As in all situations, be aware that those offering assistance may actually have been involved in orchestrating the situation. If your car breaks down, wait in a safe place until a friend, member of family or an AAA responds.”

“The individual currently under investigation in this matter was spotted in town yesterday afternoon,” Franklin police said. “If your vehicle is tampered with or breaks down shortly after starting, give us a call.”

“Bellingham Police are also investigating an incident involving this individual,” the department said in a Facebook post. “It is suspected that he tampered with a vehicle in the Charles River Center and then approached the owner when she discovered her vehicle had broken down.”

Bellingham Police have warned the public to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity, recommending parking in well-lit areas and not walking to vehicles alone if possible.

Holliston Police also tagged Medway Police Department in their Facebook post, but that page had not posted information about the investigation as of Saturday afternoon.

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