Michael Jordan spent $48,000 preparing for Kobe Bryant’s HoF induction

Michael Jordan is one of the richest athletes in the world. As evidenced by his impressive watch collection, which includes a $48,000 Rolex!

There are very few athletes who can be successful both on and off the field. A former athlete who is a shining example of one who has is Michael Jordan.

MJ amassed enormous wealth both during his time as a gambler, as well as as a businessman after his retirement.

His endorsements, ventures, and investments have helped him accumulate a net worth of nearly $1.7 billion. A figure that places the legend of the Bulls among the richest men in the world.

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A question on everyone’s mind is how Michael spends his money. Besides his many businesses, Jordan loves the finer things in life, including a number of luxury watches.

Michael Jordan wore $48,000 Rolex Sky-Dweller at Kobe Bryant’s Hall of Fame induction

There are a number of things in this world that only the richest of the rich can afford. This includes a collection of luxury watches.

One man who loves his watches is none other than Michael Jordan. The six-time NBA champion has an incredible collection that costs over $1.5 million.

One particularly beautiful watch in his collection is a $48,000 Rolex Sky-Dweller. The same watch he wore when he inducted Kobe Bryant into the Hall of Fame.

His Airness is certainly one who knows where to spend his money, especially when it comes to watches, which turn out to be very good investments.

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