Man leads Minnesota State Trooper in pursuit of I-90 at 105 mph


ROCK COUNTY – A warrant was issued on December 17 against Benjamin Bruce Allen, of Langford, South Dakota, for fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle. The charge stems from an incident in late November in which Allen, 23, allegedly fled from a soldier in the state of Minnesota who was trying to arrest him.

On November 25, a state soldier was on a routine patrol in Rock County in a marked Minnesota state patrol car when a silver Chevrolet Cavalier was observed moving east on the lane of left. As the vehicle passed, the soldier noticed that the driver was not wearing a seat belt and that the passenger was fully reclined in his seat. The vehicle was registered in the name of Patricia Allen.

The soldier went behind the vehicle and activated the hazard warning lights. The vehicle slowly took an imminent exit and came to a complete stop at the top of the ramp. At this point, the driver activated his left turn signal and the soldier activated the emergency siren and signaled the driver to stop.

According to the report, the Chevrolet quickly turned left onto Rock County 6 and turned at high speed onto the west exit of Interstate 90. The soldier informed the Minnesota State Patrol dispatch of a vehicle. on the run. The Chevrolet entered I-90 on the north shoulder alongside a tractor-truck that was in the right lane, pushing the tractor-trailer and the soldiers’ path. The soldier applied the brakes to avoid an accident.

The vehicle would have continued westbound on I-90 for approximately four miles at 105 mph in a 70 mph zone. As he continued, the soldier observed Chevrolet’s lane change erratically. At one point, the soldier approached the driver’s side of the Chevrolet and observed a man in his twenties with a goatee mustache, wearing a dark-colored long-sleeved shirt with white stripes on it. wrist. The left sleeve was pulled up, exposing a tattoo on his left forearm.

The soldier motioned for the driver to stop, in which case the driver turned his body away and continued. The male passenger was wearing a flannel shirt and was fully reclined in the front passenger seat with a baseball cap over his face.

Around this time, the Chevrolet was approaching the South Dakota state border. The soldier informed the MSP sent to brief the South Dakota Highway Patrol and made the decision to end the state border pursuit.

On December 14, the soldier spoke with a member of the Sheriff’s Office in Marshall County, South Dakota, in which Alen was identified as the driver.

The sheriff’s office member explained that Allen was on the run with the South Dakota State Parole and Pardons Board and that an arrest warrant had been issued against his arrest on December 6. A reservation photo of Allen was transmitted and the soldier was able to confirm the driver’s identity as Allen.

The soldier later spoke with Allen’s parole officer who explained that Allen is currently in custody at the Minnehaha County Jail with pending charges. The parole officer also said Allen was the sole occupant of the vehicle when he was arrested on December 10 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The parole officer also testified that he spoke to Allen’s mother, the registered owner of the vehicle, who said she allowed him to use the Chevrolet on November 16, but did not have it. never returned after being “expelled”.

If convicted, Allen faces a maximum sentence of three years and one day in prison and / or a fine of $ 5,000 for the offense of attempting to flee a peace officer in a motor vehicle.


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