GM CEO Mary Barra Says Consumer Incentives Could Help Electric Vehicle Adoption


DETROIT – General Motors plans to build electric vehicles at affordable prices for all consumers, not just luxury shoppers, and a government incentive could help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, CEO Mary Barra said Thursday. .

Many EV startups cater to a luxury, high-spend market, but GM’s portfolio will cover the gamut, with a model the size of a Chevrolet Equinox for under $ 30,000, for example, Barra said at an Automotive Press Association event here.

His comments come after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said this week he opposed the Biden administration-backed Build Back Better bill, even though the legislation would restore a $ 7,500 credit to Tesla. and GM and remove limits on the number of eligible electric vehicles per manufacturer. . The bill also includes an additional credit of $ 4,500 if the vehicle is assembled by unionized workers in the United States – a provision that many non-US automakers oppose.

Barra did not specifically comment on the appropriations in this bill.

She said consumers who buy a new vehicle for $ 30,000 could benefit from a government incentive to support the transition to electric vehicles.

“Do these people need this support to make the transition? I think it’s reasonable to try to speed up” the adoption of electric vehicles, she said.

“It’s their only vehicle, and they depend on it. If they don’t get to work, it affects their livelihoods,” Barra added. “Reaching that customer is where you’re really going to grow, and I’m very proud that at General Motors we’re doing it with the Chevrolet brand, in everything from trucks to crossovers to cars. smaller vehicles. “


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