GM and OneD Battery Sciences Collaborate on Joint R&D of Silicon Anode Technology for More Efficient EV Batteries

GM and OneD Battery Sciences are collaborating on joint R&D of silicon anode technology for more efficient EV batteries.

General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) and OneD Battery Science announced the execution of a joint research development agreement focused on the potential use of OneD’s silicon nanotechnology in GM’s Ultium battery cells to drive significant increases in energy density for greater long range and low cost.

GM Ventures and Volta Energy Technologies also participated in OneD’s Series C funding round, which the company recently closed at $25 million.

The focus of the collaboration is OneD’s SINANODE platform, which adds more silicon onto anode battery cells by fusing silicon nanowires into EV-grade graphite. Silicon can store 10 times more energy than graphite. Increasing energy density may open the door to smaller, lighter, and more efficient batteries that could achieve greater range at lower cost.

kenthelfrichGM Chief Technology Officer, GM Vice President of Research and Development and President of GM Ventures said:

GM designed Ultium to be an extremely flexible platform so that we can continually improve our cells as battery technology advances.

“Our collaboration with OneD will focus on efforts to continue advancements in the range, performance and cost of electric vehicles.”

The collaboration on silicon anode technology would be the first of its kind between two American companies. GM is rapidly scaling its Ultium EV platform to reach 1 million units of annual EV manufacturing capacity in North America by 2025.

Earlier this year, the first battery plant in GM’s Ultium Cells joint venture began production in Ohio, with two additional US plants under construction and a fourth also planned.

At the same time, GM is building on more than a decade of advanced battery research and development with its new Wallace Battery Cell Innovation Center in Warren, Michigan, which was completed earlier this year to help dramatically accelerate the development and production of next generation Ultium Batteries, as well as production methods that can be rapidly deployed in battery cell manufacturing plants.

Fifteen years of OneD research and development have resulted in a portfolio of over 240 issued patents. This allows OneD’s business model to focus on licensing SINANODE technology to industrial partners and scale manufacturing faster and more cost-effectively.

Given a licensing business model and low operating costs, Series C funds will be used to continue SINANODE’s research and development, while advancing pilot production and providing OEMs and manufacturers with batteries seamless integration into EV battery manufacturing through licensed manufacturing partners.

Vincent PluvinageCEO, OneD Battery Sciences, said:

From day one, OneD has sought to simplify silicon as a means to usher in a whole new era of electric vehicles.

“We believe the winners in the race for electric vehicles will be those who can effectively add more silicon to the battery cell, without disrupting existing supply chains and processes. We are excited to partner with General Motors on our common goal of accelerating the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

About OneD Battery Sciences

OneD Battery Sciences is the creator of SINANODE, the breakthrough technology that successfully adds more high energy density silicon into the anodes of EV batteries. The company operates a SINANODE pilot production program to support the development of advanced electrochemical cells and the scale-up of production for its industrial partners.

In 2013, OneD Battery Sciences acquired Nanosys (SINANODE) ​​nanowire technologies and Palo Alto R&D operations. Today, the Palo Alto-based company has over 240 granted patents and applications in large-scale anode production and innovative EV battery designs.

About General Motors

General Motors (NYSE: GM) is a global company focused on advancing an all-electric future that is inclusive and accessible to everyone. At the heart of this strategy is the Ultium battery platform, which will power everything from consumer vehicles to high-performance vehicles.

General Motors, its subsidiaries and joint ventures sell vehicles under the Chevy, Buick, GCM, Cadillac, baojun and Wuling brands. More information about the company and its subsidiaries, including OnStara global leader in vehicle safety and security services, can be found at

Strong points:

  • Collaboration focuses on increasing energy density and reducing costs in future GM EV batteries
  • GM Ventures Participates in OneD’s $25M Series C Funding Round

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GM and OneD Battery Sciences Collaborate on Joint R&D of Silicon Anode Technology for More Efficient EV Batteries, PALO ALTO, CA, and DETROIT, September 29, 2022

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