Full Shipment For This Methanol Supercharged Chevrolet Camaro Big Block

Cleetus McFarland unleashes this Chevy beast with a showcase of donuts and burnouts on the track.

McFarland Camaro Rip Full View Smokey Burnout
via Cleetus McFarland’s YouTube channel

Cleetus McFarland has one of the biggest followings from any automotive YouTuber in the world. He has 2.87 million subscribers on his channel and loves conducting crazy experiments and showcasing some pretty epic builds. His latest video on the channel features a build that seems to have been a source of frustration for him. After some three years he finally gets his fat supercharged methanol blocked Chevy Camaro runs as it should, and it releases it and lets it go full throttle.

A big day for the Camaro

McFarland sets up the video by saying this could be the day “all the stars align” and nothing is wrong. Everything is very well dialed with the Camaro, it has fresh oil in it, and he has it towed to be fully tested so it doesn’t waste methanol or spoil the oil. McFarland says there are about 13 gallons of methanol inside the car, and it certainly feels like the moment of truth when he enters the car. And it’s definitely not a quiet car as it starts the engine.

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Everything Works Very Well

McFarland Camaro Rip Full Delight
via Cleetus McFarland’s YouTube channel

As the car shows up on the Freedom Factory circuit, things sound good and McFarland lets it rip by doing a massive burnout and then spinning it for some truly epic donuts. Cue cries of “oh my god” from behind the camera as the Camaro rips through tarmac and shreds rubber. We can hear it more than we see in the video, although there is a slight issue as methanol begins to spray onto the window from the onboard view! As you can imagine, McFarland is incredibly pleased with it.

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Joy On Full View Despite Leaking Methanol

McFarland Camaro Rip McFarland out of the car
via Cleetus McFarland’s YouTube channel

McFarland comes out of the car elated despite the methanol leak, and as his guys say, the car turned out to be an absolute monster. It truly is an epic looking and sounding beast. He comments that he is not afraid to throw it anymore and that the brakes work well, and the level of grip is also quite good. He goes back there and gives it another major tear, tearing up more tarmac and covering the cameras and crew in smoke. It must be a great relief to see a project go as planned after so long.

Source: Cleetus McFarland YouTube Channel

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