Ford gives F-150 Lightning owners Tesla’s salvage capability

As some of my more educated readers may remember, Ford Motor Company once had an ad that showed a Ford truck pulling a Chevrolet truck out of the water. Once out of the water, the cast joked about how it sank like a rock, an obvious knock on Chevrolet’s famous slogan. It was a different time and the decades-long rivalry bordered on bitterness between the two American automakers. Over the years, business ethics have changed and so has the way every business handles advertising. Recently, though it appeared that Ford Motor Company has joined the modern trolling found in the auto industry, except this time it wasn’t Chevrolet that was getting it, but Tesla.

While charging a Mach-E is one thing, Ford has also included the adapter for charging a Tesla vehicle. This came as a shock to most as the two brands fell out. However, F-150 Lightning owners now have the option to help their fellow EV on the road.

Tesla has long been known for creating troll marketing that caters to its customer base, while Ford has kept its distance from such shenanigans. That was until new F-150 Lightning owners received their finished trucks. Included in the package was a Tesla adapter plug that allowed Lightning owners to charge a Tesla that had run out of juice. After asking Ford Motor Company if this was indeed a troll campaign, Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley simply said, “no trolls, just friendly.”

Could Ford regroup the EV community or just add even more value to the F-150 Lightning? While that’s all yet to be determined, one thing’s for sure, the Lightning won’t be towing any Tesla Cybertrucks out of the water anytime soon, but that’s for other obvious reasons.

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