Every midsize truck is almost the same, according to JD Power’s ranking

If you are looking for your next medium size a truck buying is a tough decision. Many car manufacturers offer excellent models that do the job in several ways. In addition, each has its advantages over the competition. For some experts, like JD Power, every midsize truck is nearly the same. So close, in fact, that only three points separate the top and bottom of the range. What’s so different about the best and the worst intermediate trucks?

JD Power ranked 4 models as the best midsize truck

The 2022 Chevrolet Colorado Truck | Chevy

The first sign that all midsize trucks are almost identical is that J.D. Power couldn’t name a single best overall model. Instead, the Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier and Jeep Gladiator all share the same score. JDP uses a 100 rating system based on owners likes and dislikes, using only VIN certified vehicle owners. All four of these models each received a score of 83 out of 100, putting them ahead of the rest of the midsize truck category.

Also, we noticed that there are certain things most people like about these trucks. For example, the Colorado, Ranger and Frontier are all enhanced by vehicle engine power. Almost all midsize trucks use a base four-cylinder engine with an optional V6 available.

Then, maneuvering and steering these vehicles is easy for owners. For pickup truck owners, handling trucks in certain traffic situations can be a nuisance. Even navigating parking lots can be tricky for some drivers, so it’s nice that these models don’t suffer from this issue.

2 models tied for worst midsize truck

Best New Midsize Trucks Include This Honda Ridgeline
The 2022 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

Just like the best models overall, the worst of the pickup group cannot be identified on a single model. Instead, JDP offers the same score for last place Honda Ridgeline and Hyundai Santa Cruz. However, they are only a few points away from being the best models in their category. With an overall rating of 80 out of 100, the Ridgeline and santa cruz fail. What have owners said is wrong with these models that make them worse than their rivals?

For the Honda pickup, owners do not like the experience of using the voice assistant in the vehicle. Then the braking performance could be much better. This is essential for truck buyers, who may find it difficult to drive a larger vehicle for the first time. Owners say the Ridgeline’s stopping power and smoothness are poor. Finally, owners say they don’t like the way the pickup makes them feel when it starts. We don’t know if that means the engine sound is bad or if it doesn’t sound like it’s revving cleanly, but JDP takes some points for it.

Then the Hyundai Santa Cruz is one of the newest models on the scene. As a result, it struggles to convince some buyers who might be afraid to buy an all-new model. Owners who have purchased it before have a few issues, including headlight efficiency, below-average engine sound ratings, and below-average audio system ratings.

Intermediate mid-level trucks

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For the rest of the segment, each model is a mid-range model. This includes the Toyota Tacoma, GMC Canyon and Ford Maverick. We found it curious that the GMC Canyon ranked lower than the Chevy Colorado, given that they’re nearly identical trucks. Although these are mid-ranking models, they are only one point from the top and two from the bottom, 82 out of 100.

One thing that stands out is that most customers don’t like the vehicle’s engine power for the Tacoma. Since it is the most popular mid-size truck, it loses out to some rivals due to an underpowered engine. Alternatively, owners seem to appreciate the engine power of the GMC-Canyon. However, simple things like getting in and out of the front seats are more difficult with the Canyon than with other models.

Finally, the new Ford Maverick is becoming increasingly popular. As a result, owners appreciate its incredible fuel economy, in-vehicle storage, and ease of getting in and out. However, the audio system is poor, the engine sounds terrible, and outside noise often seeps into the cabin.

JD Power’s ranking shows every midsize truck is almost the same

In conclusion, every midsize truck is almost the same. At this point, each model in this class has so many similarities that they have started to fade. There’s almost always an off-road package or trim, a more powerful optional engine, and similar features and technology. The new Hyundai Santa Cruz and Ford Maverick are slightly smaller than the rest of the segment. Plus, owners say models like the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger have a seemingly powerful engine.

Which of these midsize truck models do you think stands out from the rest? Is the whole class of vehicles starting to mix?


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