Don Little “swallowed” by his new Chevrolet car as he tries to drive it


Not long ago, we reported that actor Don Little was taking to his Instagram page to let fans know about his brand new Chevrolet car offered by his new management.

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Although he failed to mention the name of his leadership, knowledgeable people questioned the authenticity or anything of his claims. Regardless, he was seen holding the keys to the car and praising them accordingly.

Lo and behold, the dwarf actor was spotted trying to drive around town. But what is funny is his behavior in the front seat, because the car wants to “swallow” Don Little – voluntary pun.

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In the process, excited Don Little pulled into a cool spot and rocked some great music in his car before finally thanking God, his fans, and Funny Face for making him great.

Check out the hilarious images below at least to release the stress:

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