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The RIW Newsletter provides the essential weekly inspiration for every changemaker that drives innovation in retail and across the customer experience journey. This week, we’re sharing insights on how businesses are helping their consumers shape their virtual identitiesthe ever-changing power of the IRL store experienceand achieving a high score in increase engagement with gamification.

Getting closer (literally) to consumers with stores
We are in the midst of a physical retail resurgence, as shoppers rediscover the magic and magnetism of the physical occasion. The role of the store has evolved and major retailers are rethinking their offerings to meet new customer expectations, creating innovative services to generate new revenue streams, cultivating brand community by increasing traffic and dwell time with new experiential offers and build consumer loyalty through personalization. and know-how.

As sales soar, Chanel opens ‘top client only’ private stores
Chanel follows the money and increases exclusivity by reaching out even more to its best customers with the launch of private stores dedicated to their use. The brand will open private boutiques from early 2023 in major Asian cities, where they will exclusively serve Chanel’s biggest spenders. Tatler

Wilson Sporting Goods unveils second “play-borhood” store in New York
Located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, the athletic brand’s new physical storefront focuses on showcasing its commitment to sports. With over 8,000 square feet of retail space, the two-story store even has a multi-purpose lot where visitors can test out the latest gear, apparel and accessories. Rental fees for in-store items range from $5-$10/day depending on the product, and the fee is deducted from the final price if a product is purchased. Press release

Fashionphile’s new store highlights resale’s focus on IRL retail
Last week, luxury retailer Fashionphile opened a showroom and retail space in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. The 60,000 square foot multipurpose destination houses a new product processing center, office, authentication rooms, photography studio, warehouses stocked with hundreds of handbags, and a customer showroom. 90% of Fashionphile customers have only ever bought or sold through the company’s online marketplace, but the company believes physical locations can drive growth. Press release

Official opening of H&M and IKEA’s Atelier 100 concept in Hammersmith
The ‘idea factory’ joint venture between Swedish giants H&M and IKEA has opened in west London. All of the products on display in this innovative space have been designed and made by creatives living within 100km of the Hammersmith store. Workshop 100

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Portable Virtual Asset and Metaverse Strategies for Retailers
Fashion, self-identity and self-expression have been intertwined throughout history. It’s no surprise that as the world shifts to an increasingly hybrid digital and physical mode of engagement and experience, the fashion industry is one of the first sectors to embrace and define this new metaverse, web3-powered reality, and to be embraced by its users. In fact, the latest trend research shows that consumer interest in customizing and dressing up their virtual avatars and digital twins with the latest fashion and luxury apparel, NFT accessories, and trending beauty products is on the rise. sharply.

Full-Body avatars enhance the metaverse experience
Photo-realistic, full-featured digital avatars from companies like Ready Player Me allow users to purchase and unlock exclusive NFT clothing and other unique accessories across different metaverse platforms. Read more

Nike is taking over the metaverse one direct-to-avatar sale at a time
As sports giant Nike focuses on building new business with virtual merchandise, the brand is expanding its direct-to-avatar sales approach through branded NFT merchandise in the Nikeland Roblox metaverse. Nike Digital, the division that includes the brand’s Web3 business, generates more than a quarter of Nike’s total revenue. PSFK

Mason Rothschild is the enfant terrible of digital fashion
Mason Rothschild and Ericka del Rosario, creators of the controversial Metabirkin NFT collection, bring NFT culture to life with their physical store, Terminal 27. The 3,000 square foot store, which recently hosted a launch party for Amber Park’s NFT becomes a social hangout and gathering place for the Metaverse and crypto communities to party and promote their new digital fashion projects. Read more

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Engage buyers with gamification
Gamification tools and processes, as well as the games themselves, help reframe buyer engagements into fun competitions and challenges, better reinforce positive outcomes, and pair micro-actions with real-world achievements to unlock special features. or advancements in digital brand stories. By leveraging choice architecture strategies and behavioral incentives, companies are able to more organically drive loyalty and power engagement. After all, fun is fun.

Chevrolet’s mobile game is meant to show the dangers of texting and driving
A new mobile game for WhatsApp by Chevrolet shows the dangers of texting while driving and aims to raise awareness of the problem by connecting with younger consumers who tend to be heavy users of WhatsApp. Players can access the game by sending a message to Chevrolet. Chevy

Noodles & Co. drives loyalty with a gamified in-app shopping experience
The fast-casual restaurant chain increased app-based click-through rates 9x by gamifying its mobile experience with limited-time offers, quick surveys and special reward points. Gaming features captured more first-party data, which in turn fueled future promotions and personalized offers. Noodles Co.

Play to watch: Amazon gamifies the process of finding a new show
The tech giant is launching an app called IMDb What to Watch, exclusively for Fire TV users, which offers a series of three games to help stuck consumers find a new movie or show to watch and cut down on “ paralysis of choice. IMDb

Netflix expands its library of mobile games with new releases
Exploding Kittens — The Game, a new mobile gaming experience based on the popular card game, is now available for free to Netflix subscribers. Along with Exploding Kittens, the streaming platform has also introduced three additional mobile games, bringing its game catalog to a total of 22 offerings. netflix

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