Chevrolet LS7 V8 no longer available as a crate engine

Remembering a legend.

Today we say goodbye to one of the greatest V8 engines ever built, the Chevrolet LS7. This monstrous V8 debuted in the C6 Corvette Z06 where it quickly became a fan favorite. The LS7 also found its way into the superb Camaro Z/28 before ending up as a crate engine under Chevrolet’s performance parts program. After years of service, Chevrolet has ended orders for this legendary crate engine, leaving a 7.0-liter void in our hearts.

2006 7.0L v-8 (LS7)

2006 7.0L v-8 (LS7)

When the LS7 made its debut in the C6 Z06 it sent shockwaves through the automotive world. This 7.0-liter V8 topped out at 7,000 rpm and produced 505 horsepower (376 kilowatts) while barking out the perfect V8 symphony. Sure, there are more powerful V8s, but few had more character than the LS7.

Although the LS7 retains the displacement and sound of a classic American V8, it is anything but old fashioned. The LS7 features a forged crankshaft, titanium connecting rods and unique hypereutectic aluminum pistons. The classic 2-valve-per-cylinder pushrod design remains to make the LS7 the best of new and old. The caption says that Chevy reliably tested the LS7 at 8,000 rpm but couldn’t use that redline in production due to the constraints of the hydraulic lifters used by the camshaft. Many aftermarket companies have found ways to reliably increase the redline of the LS7, which lends weight to this rumor.

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In addition to the loss of the LS7, Chevy also discontinued the LS427/570. It was an upgraded version of the LS7 that used an upgraded camshaft to produce 570 horsepower (425 kilowatts). The LS427/570 also used a wet sump lubrication system to facilitate engine swaps for cars with clearance.

C8 Corvette Z06 prototype spotted doing launch controls

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We will miss the naturally aspirated beauty of the LS7 engine, but luckily Chevy has sold plenty of them, which means we’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come. All you have to do is find a used one.

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