Chevrolet Leak Suggests Crazy Next Silverado ZR2 Bison

Chevy brought its best Colorado off-road badge to the Silverado 1500 with the new Silverado ZR2. The move raised the question of when Chevy would partner with American Expedition Vehicles to offer a Bison version of its full-size pickup, like the duo did for the Colorado ZR2. Well, as 8-Ball says, all signs point to it – and it looks like the Silverado ZR2 Bison (hinted by previous reports and spy photos) could be announced very soon.

A screenshot of what appears to be the Chevy dealers order system (first spotted by MC&T) made the rounds on various GM message boards. It shows a Bison edition of the Silverado ZR2. The package pictured is said to be similar to the Bison package from the Colorado ZR2, with more extensive protective plating – possibly hot-stamped boron steel – covering the length of the upper body. The truck would also feature unique front and rear bumpers to improve approach and departure angles, something Chevy may have anticipated in the Beast off-roader concept.

Chevy took a holistic approach to the off-road front with the Silverado ZR2, outfitting it to do everything reasonably well. The Bison package would equip the Silverado ZR2 to make it a more rugged and specialized rock crawler truck.

According to previous MC&T Reports the Bison package won’t bring two changes Silverado enthusiasts might be looking for: improved power from a supercharged engine and 35-inch-or-larger tires from the factory. But AEV could offer the latter with a set of spare parts after the truck leaves the factory.

We obviously don’t yet know the price of a Bison package that Chevy hasn’t confirmed. But the Silverado ZR2 starts at $67,600 and the ZR2 Bison Package on the Colorado is $5,750. Let’s say this package costs a bit more in the Silverado, add destination fees and some options, and you’re probably looking at a pickup of around $80,000.


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