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Poor corporate credit often leads to loan cancellations or higher interest rates. Always take care of the company data that credit bureaus process from you. Here are our tips:

  • Keep an eye on the creditworthiness of your company and check it once a quarter.

    Keep an eye on the creditworthiness of your company and check it once a quarter.

Check that all information is correct. It often happens that your industries or your business address are not correctly recorded. Even that can affect your corporate credit rating. Correct incorrect entries, because only complete and correct data lead to a fair credit rating.

  • Always pay your bills on time.

    Always pay your bills on time.

Unpaid invoices that are reminded several times or, in the worst case, result in a collection procedure, are saved as negative creditworthiness characteristics. This affects your credit rating index negatively and is usually stored for up to 4 years. Many banks do not grant loans for negative entries.

  • Reduce overdrafts or redeploy.

    Reduce overdrafts or redeploy.

Many companies use their overdrafts for convenience, often at the end of the month. This means that many small-scale uses of the bank quickly accumulate, which banks can look back and evaluate negatively. In addition, interest rates for overdrafts are usually particularly high. That is why it often makes sense to reschedule a smaller installment loan. By reducing the interest burden, your company credit rating can improve.

  • Close unused accounts.

    Close unused accounts.

Keeping many different accounts at different banks has been shown to have a bad influence on your creditworthiness: many credit agencies generally assume that debtors try to avoid claims and their enforcement through a large number of accounts. Therefore, reduce the number of your accounts to an absolute minimum.

  • When making credit comparisons, only ask condition queries.

The Internet in particular makes it easier than ever to make credit inquiries and compare many offers. But a regular loan request will worsen your company’s credit rating if the loan application is subsequently rejected. A simple research to compare the best interest rate can therefore lead to a deterioration in creditworthiness.

  • Use Bankate’s credit comparison service.

    Use Bankate

With Bankate you can make “credit-neutral” inquiries for financial products. Because we only use the so-called condition queries for credit research. These have no influence on your credit rating. You can also see with us how banks assess your creditworthiness and then compare the appropriate offers.

How does the credit rating optimization via bank score work?

How does the credit rating optimization via bank score work?

With us you can see your corporate credit rating online reliably and free of charge. We work with various German credit bureaus such as Creditreform or CRIF Bürgel and provide you with all the information that credit bureaus have collected about your company. By registering on Bankate.de, you can not only view the index of your company’s credit rating, but also check the underlying data and report any errors immediately to the relevant credit agency. We show you what information a bank typically examines and evaluates when granting a loan.

We offer you the opportunity to optimize your company credit rating and your credit rating and to benefit from better conditions for financial products from banks and other financial service providers. You can then obtain and compare the right offers in our comparison portal for corporate loans – very straightforward and time-saving.

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In times of crisis, the population is finding it increasingly difficult to maintain its financial balance. The rising increase in inflation and interest rates causes a sharp increase in spending, undermining family budgets. In this scenario, the payday loan, popularized for its low interest rates, appears as an alternative to relief in the accounts or even to restructure the finances.

The payday, however, still raises many questions regarding its characteristics. In this post, we will address the biggest questions about payday loans. Check-out:

1. What is the payday loan and why are its rates lower?

payroll loan

The payday loan is a type of loan in which the amount of the installment is debited directly to the payday. As a result, financial institutions, which set their rates based on transaction risks, find a higher level of security as the debtor cannot “escape” payment. Consequently, interest rates are usually lower than in other types of loans.

2. Who can hire a payday?

money loan

The payday loan is not available to everyone. The modality can be contracted by the public servants – in all spheres, military and retired or pensioners of the social security, being forbidden to the holders of the most social security benefits. In private enterprise, workers with a formal contract from companies with more than 300 employees may take out a loan, but interest rates will not be low as in other cases.

3. What is the maximum value of a payday loan?

money loan

The analysis of the maximum payday deductible amount takes into account the consignable margin which, as a rule, corresponds to 30% of the contractor’s monthly income. The percentage, stipulated by federal law, aims to preserve enough to provide for everyday expenses and possible unforeseen events. There is the possibility of hiring more than one payday, provided that the sum of the installments does not exceed the margin.

4. I used all the margin and I need a new loan, what to do?

money loan

When a person chooses to take out a loan, or any other type of credit, the ideal is to readjust the budget in order to be able to repay the installments without compromising the finances. Still, there are circumstances where the situation may get out of control and a new loan will be needed.

In this case, before hiring a higher-interest personal loan or using the revolving credit or overdraft card credit, consider renewing the payday without increasing the installment. . Depending on the amount of parcels remaining, a good amount of change can be obtained.

Another alternative is to credit port to a financial institution that offers a lower interest rate. Moreover, although rates vary from bank to bank, for social security withdrawals and pensioners there is a ceiling, currently 2.34% per month, set by Social Security, and it is prohibited to charge interest rates above the percentage.

It is important to research well before making a payday loan, always looking for the best conditions and taking into account the impact of the installments on your budget. With the information presented, you can more safely evaluate the options available on the market.

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26 million credits to 4,500 families throughout Italy: this is the amount of the Loan of hope, promoted by the Italian Bishops’ Conference, which allows access to credit on a favorable terms to people and micro-enterprises in difficulty due to the crisis. This is a guarantee fund, activated on 1 September 2009, amounting to 25 million USD, intended to guarantee social microcredit and allows companies to finance over 100 million USD.

In the first 4 years of experience, 26 million loans were granted to 4,500 families, through the work of the Menutes agencies that identified the recipients of the loans at the diocesan level. The regions that benefited most from the loan were Campania, Puglia and Lombardy.

The third phase of the project started on 2 March, presented on 26 February by Menutes and Bankate, with a loan of 25 million to guarantee a total amount of microcredits of 100 million USD. The range of credit beneficiaries has expanded: families in conditions of economic and social vulnerability are joined by the unemployed, the poor, the elderly at the minimum pension, debtors of utilities of service agencies and even simple young couples who cannot find resources to set up home.

The Cei partner, which has provided a guarantee fund of 25 million from the 8×1000, in this new venture is Intesa Sanpaolo, which for the two-year period 2015-2016 through Bankate (the bank of the group dedicated to the non-profit secular and religious ) will guarantee “more credit at very low rates to families and people in temporary difficulty”, quadrupling the CEI guarantee fund, which then reaches 100 million.

The Fund provides two different types of loans:

The Fund provides two different types of loans:

  1. The “Social Credit” to disadvantaged families, with a maximum loan amount of 7,500 USD disbursed in 6 monthly installments of 1,250 USD each as a form of income support.
  2. “Credit to do business “, aimed at low capitalization or newly established micro-enterprises, for a maximum amount of 25 thousand USD paid in a single loan. It is a loan aimed precisely at start-ups of craft or entrepreneurial activity, to individuals or to companies or cooperatives.

The recipients

The recipients

To take advantage of the loan of salvation are above all precarious, unemployed, young people looking for work, of which the fund intends to support life projects and job reintegration, but also those who intend to start or restructure autonomous activities. The fund does not issue money directly, but constitutes a capital to guarantee the loans provided by the Bank. A loan can be requested for a training activity, for professional retraining, based on the attitudes and work experiences that are crossed as the possibilities offered by the market, in order to offer a path of job reintegration or development of an activity self.

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Borrowing for watercraft can be done with a so-called private loan. It is a loan where you do not leave your new watercraft as collateral. You can look into the private loan guide here and you can read really well what such a loan means. How much you can borrow and what you can borrow. Because you can do it for anything. Because you don’t leave anything in security. You do not need to state what to borrow, but just how much and how long you want to pay for it.

Borrow 100% to a scooter

Borrow 100% to a scooter

If you want to borrow 100% for a scooter then private loans apply. It is a loan where you do not leave anything in collateral for the loan and therefore get to buy exactly what you want for the money. For example, a water scooter.

Finance a scooter with a private loan

Finance a scooter with a private loan

A private loan is an excellent loan for a scooter. Whether it is a snowmobile or a watercraft. Because it is a so-called consumer loan where you can buy whatever you want for the money. You can thus choose between traveling abroad or doing what you want for them. Borrow for car or a scooter.

Borrowing for water scooters is something you may want to do because you want it now when it is summer and warm and do not want the money first for the best summer. So you would rather have it now than save all winter. That you would rather pay a little extra in interest to have a installment on it in the coming winter instead. Yes, hopefully this is the right guide for you. This is where we write about exactly that. That which to buy a watercraft without having the money yourself right now. Obviously it is a great advantage to have parts of it yourself, but you can also borrow at 100%.

Loans, what happens in the event of insolvency? /loans-what-happens-in-the-event-of-insolvency/ Mon, 07 Oct 2019 09:55:20 +0000 /loans-what-happens-in-the-event-of-insolvency/ Read More


Personal loans

Personal loans

Personal loans are a form of financing useful for obtaining liquidity when you are in serious difficulties or if we have to face sudden and urgent expenses. The credit is provided by a bank or a specialized financial institution, through which a customer receives a sum of money and undertakes to return it in installments and within a set period. According to experts, this new financial commitment must always be carefully considered, taking into account your family spending budget and your monthly income. It is advisable to evaluate both the total cost of the loan and the installment to be borne by the beneficiary: the installment is added to the other burdensome commitments, such as rent, bills, and other loan installments.

Difficulties can arise not only when we require large sums, but also and above all when we accumulate the numerous and small expenses that together weigh and have a certain consistency. It is precisely in these cases that the risk of insolvency increases for those who have benefited from the personal loan. This situation varies depending on the financial institution that provided the loan and the importance of outstanding credit. When deciding to take out a personal loan, you must always be sure that you can meet your commitment. The consequences may in fact be patrimonial, penal and affect the possibility of obtaining other forms of credit in the future. We need to be able to pay every single monthly payment because sometimes even one unpaid installment is enough to default.

Installment of the loan

Installment of the loan

If we have requested the loan through a guarantor, in the event of insolvency of the installments, it will be this third person who will have to provide for the repayment. The penalty is in fact the registration for the same guarantor in the databases that indicate the missed payments of one or more installments of the loan. Each bank obviously behaves independently and differently. Sometimes we start from a default that provides more interest on the unpaid installment. Others, on the other hand, are already reporting to the Central Risks (CRIF) as “bad payers” . Once you enter the black list, up to 36 months after the expiry of the loan agreement no one will be more inclined to grant you a credit. The databases are in fact always consulted by the credit institutions before proceeding to the disbursement of a loan.

According to experts, when it is expected that it will be difficult to meet the deadlines – even for one installment – it is very useful to immediately contact the bank or intermediary to find alternative solutions. The banks have devised methods for repaying installments capable of satisfying the needs of many customers, such as the possibility of skipping an installment, varying the amount thereof, lengthening or shortening the repayment plan according to the transaction. It is also important to promptly report to the financing body any change of residence, so that the communications sent by the latter will arrive on time.

When, on the other hand, no one speaks of one or more unpaid installments, then the credit institution intervenes through external legal figures. Among the most sought after roads there are:

  1. L at the request of the fifth of the salary in the case in which you are workers or the deduction in pay envelope through attachment thus avoiding also the reporting of bad payer;
  2. If you do not work, which is quite unlikely, you will instead go to the attachment of your assets. In this case it will not be possible to avoid reporting in Crif;
  3. If, on the other hand, you have become inexperienced, the bank will not be able to recover its credit but for you it will be impossible in the future to have access to credit lines at any institution.

A different form of safeguard against insolvency risks is constituted by credit insurance. We are talking about life insurance policies, accidents or loss of employment, which ensure the repayment of the amount due in cases where the debtor finds himself insolvent for one of the causes covered by the insurance policy, such as: death of the debtor, invalidity , loss of employment. Obviously it is not possible to fix a valid set of terms because the possible request for guarantees against a request for a personal loan changes according to the individual financing institution.

Liquidity loan: Convenience at hand /liquidity-loan-convenience-at-hand/ Mon, 16 Sep 2019 03:11:40 +0000 /liquidity-loan-convenience-at-hand/ Read More

Do you need money? Good Finance is ready to fulfill your dreams , large and small, thanks to the liquidity loan! Don’t miss the great deals that Good Finance is currently offering you on the market.

Discover our company, operating for over ten years in this sector throughout the Italian territory. Do you need liquidity for any reason and want to apply for a loan? Send us your contact request and request a free quote! When convenience and quality meet!

Liquidity loan: How does it work?

Liquidity loan: How does it work?

The personal liquidity loan allows you to request up to a maximum amount of 30,000 euros to be repaid in comfortable installments with a duration of up to 120 months, all without having to provide any reasons for the loan.

The personal liquidity loan, in fact, differs from the finalized loan, precisely because it can be requested for any reason , even simple liquidity, and the sum paid is not tied to the good or service that is purchased.

You can request a personal liquidity loan to buy cars, motorcycles, furniture, travel or anything else. The motivation is indicative and not binding for the purpose of evaluating this funding request. The liquidity you requested will be conveniently credited to your current account and the installment will be withdrawn monthly. Get Your Free Quote Now!

Liquidity loan: Who can request them?

The valuation of the liquidity loan can be different for each individual institution, which adopts different valuation criteria. The loan is obviously granted to those who have the ability to repay the debt , therefore people reported , protested and indicated as bad payers are not authorized to have access to this personal loan.

The loan is therefore reserved for all clean people in databases with an age ranging from 18 to 75 at the end of the loan and who are employees, with a pay check as proof, autonomous with their respective tax returns and pensioners with monthly pay slips INPS.

Liquidity loan: Why is it rejected?

Liquidity loan: Why is it rejected?

The personal liquidity loan is rejected by the banks when the name of the applicant is in a database such as Crif, Experian and Ctc , edited as a bad payer . Verifying this data for banks is very simple, as they have the possibility to access and consult the central bank of risks of the Bank of Italy.

It is not possible to access funding even to protestors who have therefore had problems with bills and checks. Some reasons for which the liquidity loan can be rejected are, for example, the repayment capacity deemed inadequate, the delay or non-payment of some loan installments, having requested a loan too recently and perhaps not even been successful , having many monthly commitments that lead to excessive debt or have acted as guarantor for a loan in which the applicant pays badly the installments.

All about loans for employees Ministry of Finance (MEF) /all-about-loans-for-employees-ministry-of-finance-mef/ Wed, 11 Sep 2019 09:34:27 +0000 /all-about-loans-for-employees-ministry-of-finance-mef/ Read More


If you are a Mef employee, or an employee of the Ministry of Finance, on the financial market there are numerous personal loan solutions that adapt to every expense and purchase requirement. Belonging to a category of workers with a permanent contract and usually with a high sum, it is possible to take advantage of every type of personal loan, loan and loan, with variable amounts of capital based on the expenses to be made and the destination of the money.

Among the most requested formulas for this type of worker, we find the fifth and delegation loans, but on the financial market there are also different forms of mortgage that allow you to get the sum necessary to buy the first or second home or even make the renovation or energy renovation interventions on a building. Let’s see together the characteristics of the loans available for the employees of the Ministry of Finance, the loan disbursement methods, the reimbursement and the banking institutes to which to turn.

Loans for MEF employees: WHAT ARE THEY?

Loans for MEF employees: WHAT ARE THEY?

The first form of personal loan advantageous for the employees of the Ministry of Finance is the assignment of one fifth of the salary, which allows variable capital to be obtained, yielding up to 1/5 of one’s net salary, with a monthly payment deducted directly from the salary from the employer. With the same method of disbursement and reimbursement of the granted capital, it is also possible to obtain the loan with payment authorization that allows you to have a larger capital and to sell up to 2/5 of the salary.

In the case of other loans in progress, the loan delegation allows you to sell up to 50% of your net salary and is the only type of personal loan that can also be requested with other installments in progress, as it provides a capital that can be paid more high compared to other forms of loan granted. Among other forms of loan granted to Mef employees, the small loan solution is particularly advantageous, which provides for the payment of a reduced sum to be repaid with a short repayment plan. To better understand and recapitulate, also observe the table below:


Loans for MEF employees: REQUIREMENTS

Loans for MEF employees: REQUIREMENTS

All Mef employees in service with the Ministries can request all types of loans present on the financial market with the sole requirement of being hired on a permanent contract. To access the type of personal loans reserved for Mef employees, the employees of the Ministry of Finance must pay the payments to the territorial State Accounting Office.

The Mef employees belong to the government agency contribution workers category and can access the credit through the provision of loans with salary-backed loans and a loan for payment, as also expressed in the previous paragraph. This category of workers, in order to request one of the types of personal loans must, at the date of submission of the application, have the following personal and economic requirements :

  • age;
  • permanent contract;
  • to be on duty;
  • maximum age 66;
  • Italian citizenship;
  • payment of salaries to the territorial State Accounting Office.

PLEASE NOTE : when applying for a personal loan, the Mef employee must not be absent from the service due to illness, pregnancy or other factors, this is the fundamental requirement in the acceptance of credit.

Loans for MEF employees: CAPITAL and REFUND

The maximum capital that can be disbursed with a loan for Mef employees and the maximum duration of the repayment schedule can be calculated based on age and length of service. The type of loan with salary-backed loan is not considered and with the proxy loan which by law provide for an amortization plan with a maximum duration of 10 years, or 120 installments, with the possibility of renewal, but only following the payment of a certain number of installments.

The repayment of the capital in the assignment of the fifth and the loan delegation of payment is carried out directly by the employer who automatically deduct the installment from the monthly remuneration. The maximum transferable amount is 1/5 for the assignment of the fifth and 2/5 for the delegated loan (up to 50% with other loans in progress) but always in compliance with the maximum quota established by the MEF in the Release Quota Communication. To better understand and recapitulate, also observe the following table:


Loans for MEF employees: the INTEREST RATE

Loans for MEF employees: the INTEREST RATE

The personal loans dedicated to employees of the Ministry of Finance have a fixed interest rate, with a constant installment amount, although some credit institutions offer variable rates based on the number of installments (amortization schedule) and the capital required. For example, with the subscription of a first or second home loan, the interest rate subsidies are not so different from those offered by other credit institutions to workers of different categories or with an atypical contract.

Loans for MEF employees: the INFORMATION VIDEO


To better understand and summarize, the following is an informative video that in a few months explains the main characteristics of the different types of personal loans for employees of the Ministry of Finance, highlighting the conditions of the interest rate, the repayment and the share transferable of the monthly installment established on the basis of the fees communicated by the same Mef: in the video it explains in a particular way what is advantageous and what is not good.

Loans for MEF employees: DOCUMENTATION

To request a personal loan for Mef employees, contact the bank institute that has an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and submit the following documentation :

  • valid identity document;
  • fiscal Code;
  • last paycheck;
  • communication of the maximum transferable quota issued by the MEF.


To summarize, below is a table that summarizes the main requirements for access to credit for Mef employees and the documentation that each category that requires a loan must present to the bank that has an agreement to grant loans for employees mEF:

  • FROM 18 TO 66 YEARS;


Debt consolidation and additional liquidity: when and how to request it? /debt-consolidation-and-additional-liquidity-when-and-how-to-request-it/ Sat, 17 Aug 2019 03:53:04 +0000 /debt-consolidation-and-additional-liquidity-when-and-how-to-request-it/ Read More


Are you looking for a type of loan that helps you pay off all current loans ? Furthermore, do you need additional liquidity to finance your expenses and to meet urgent and unforeseen needs? Well, then you’ve come to the right page for yourself.

The credit solution proposed by Good Finance is to request the loan for debt consolidation and obtain an additional amount of liquidity.

Let’s find out in this guide how debt consolidation works and how to request it.

Debt consolidation: technical and functional characteristics

Debt consolidation: technical and functional characteristics

Debt consolidation is a credit product that is increasingly requested by those who already have one or more loans or salary backed loans to pay off all debts and merge the various repayment installments into a single “lighter” and more convenient monthly payment .

Thanks to the consolidation of debts

Each customer will have only one deadline to be met for the payment of the repayment installment and the interest rate will be much more convenient.

Thanks to the debt consolidation contract you will be able to review the contractual conditions with the creditor institution, review the amortization plan, extend the life of the new loan and obtain greater liquidity.

Debt consolidation: when and how to request it?

Debt consolidation: when and how to request it?

To avoid the risk of over-indebtedness and to manage monthly expenses more easily, debt consolidation is the perfect credit solution that allows each client to avoid possible delays or oversights .

To request debt consolidation you need:

  • be of age (aged between 18 and 75)
  • have a permanent employment contract, with a minimum of 6 months of employment for employees
  • be the owner of a VAT number
  • to be retired
  • possession of a good credit position (absence of protests, foreclosures or “bad payer”).

To request a debt consolidation no presentation of collateral (pledge or mortgage rights on the assets owned by the applicant) is required.

For more information or to receive a personalized estimate , contact a Good Finance consultant and find out what credit solutions are reserved for you.

Zeramex Credit Card Which is The Best? /zeramex-credit-card-which-is-the-best/ Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:13:20 +0000 /zeramex-credit-card-which-is-the-best/ Read More


For many, having a credit card may be the best thing that can happen to them. And as you may have noticed, one of the banks that most promotes its plastics is undoubtedly CitiZeramex. But … Stop! not because it is the institution that has the most presence means that its cards are the best or, that once they are offered you must accept whatever. For this reason here we tell you, which is the best Zeramex credit card that best suits your needs.


Zeramex credit card

credit card

CitiZeramex is one of the banks with the greatest presence in Mexico, currently has travel credit cards, some others that give points for purchases, as well as benefits in many stores such as direct discounts and months without interest.

But … the plus that this bank offers you in all its plastics is the possibility of having access to exclusive presales on tickets for events of all kinds.

Anyway, among the many benefits they offer you, it is sometimes difficult to get lost in the decision of the card to be chosen.

For now, here is the list of Zeramex credit cards that exist until today:


Have you been offered any?

credit offer

We know that perhaps your profile does not apply to all of them, so they may have offered you only a few. But you should know which of those “some” only one is the best … How to know which one?


How to choose the ideal credit card

How to choose the ideal credit card

The first thing you should do to choose your ideal Zeramex credit card is to verify the requirements that each one requests and determine which one you are a prospect. Verify:

  • Provable income requested
  • Age
  • Status of credit history

From this determine a list of possible cards and from them, choose the one that best suits your profile:

  • you travel a lot? Choose one of the cards with travel benefits
  • Do you make many purchases? Opt for plastics that offer refunds or promotions and discounts
  • Is it your first credit card? keep an eye on the Bsmart range

Do not choose to choose! The fact that the bank authorizes you or pre-authorizes a specific credit card does not mean that it is right for you. Before choosing any Zeramex credit card, search, compare and decide on the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Remember that if you have any questions regarding the operation of your credit card or the way it is being authorized, you can contact Cordusep.

Steps to Follow if You are Dissatisfied With the Information of Your Credit Bureau /steps-to-follow-if-you-are-dissatisfied-with-the-information-of-your-credit-bureau/ Tue, 23 Jul 2019 07:06:14 +0000 /steps-to-follow-if-you-are-dissatisfied-with-the-information-of-your-credit-bureau/ Read More


A couple of days ago a friend spoke to me with a hint of concern because she processed her credit report and realized that there were two credits she didn’t recognize; one of half a million pesos and another of 80 thousand pesos.

“Friend, what do I do? I’ve never had those credits, it’s more my finances don’t give to pay those amounts. There is also an address that I don’t recognize, that worries me, ”he told me.

 I replied you have to make a clarification, but how? questioned me.

By law, you have the right to file up to two claims at no cost per year. In a single claim, you can object to the information in your entire special credit report if you wish. Additional claim requests cost 89 pesos.


Reasons why you can file a claim

credit claim

Personal data: Name, RFC or date of birth.

Private and / or work addresses:

  • Select the name you want to modify.
  • Enter the address you want to add.

Modify and / or delete a credit

  • Select the credit you wish to remove
  • Enter the changes you want to see reflected in your credit report.


The process to initiate a Claim is very simple

The process to initiate a Claim is very simple

To begin, you must complete this claim format (format) and attach a copy of the Special Credit Report where the nonconformity is; This must not be more than 90 days old. Likewise, a copy of the official identification in force (INE, Passport or FM2) and a copy of documents that support your claim to have them.

Once the Credit Bureau receives the claim, it is sent to the corresponding credit grantor for analysis and validation. While your claim is being analyzed, the Credit Bureau includes in your credit report the legend “Contested registration” in the credit you do not recognize.

However, if the grantor considers that the claim is inadmissible, he will have to present evidence to support his position.


And if my claim is not answered, what happens?

credit claim

If the credit grantor does not respond, Credit Bureau makes the correction to your credit history as requested.

Credit Bureau , sends you the response of the claim in a period not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of the documentation. However, in the cases where the modification to the information registered in Bora is appropriate, a corrected special credit report will be sent along with the response to the claim, as well as to all credit grantors who have consulted your history in the last six months


What happens if my claim is not satisfactory to me?

unsatisfied credit

If the answer to your complaint is not satisfactory to you, you have the right to include a statement of up to 200 words in your special credit report where you will have to explain the reason for your disagreement. The Declarativa service is completely free. Here the format.

In this declaration you will have to attach; copy of official identification (INE, valid passport or FM2).

Once you have an answer to your claim and you remain dissatisfied, take into account that you can continue your case by managing a hearing with the grantors before the Condusef , if the challenge is for a bank loan or before Profeco , if the credit is not bank .

Take into account that claims can also be made before Condusef if your challenge is a bank loan and before Profeco, if your claim is a non-bank loan.