Breitling steps up with classic car-themed watches



Who wouldn’t want a wrist that goes from zero to 60 in four seconds? Imagine a watch not only worthy of celebrating the fastest, sleekest, and most iconic muscle cars that have ever paraded the streets of America, but embodying them.

Well, the Swiss tinkerers of grandfather watchmaker Breitling SA have read your mind and are now rolling out a troika of chronographs, designed to pay homage to the big three of the 1960s: the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Mustang and the Shelby Cobra. .

Back then, as America – with its proxy wars, civil unrest, etc. – was not exactly perfect, his cars were. And Breitling’s new Top Time Classic Car capsule (its latest take on an avant-garde watch first released in the 1960s) offers avatars as alluring and richly unconventional as the whips they embody.

The red-faced ‘Corvette‘ timepiece, for example, is based on Chevy’s Model C2, a low-profile car so slender and fierce that it has been dubbed the ‘Sting Ray’. Louis-Joseph Chevrolet, co-founder of the company, was himself a Swiss racing driver and the son of a watchmaker, so the circle has come full circle. Literally. The version with her baby’s wrist features a calfskin strap and a folding clasp with the famous crossed fleur-de-lis sigil and checkered flags.

Breitling Top Time (from left to right) “Shelby Cobra”,Chevrolet Corvette,” and Stainless steel “Ford Mustang” chronographs – $ 5,500 each at London Jewelers – pays homage to classic American cars of the 1960s.

Meanwhile, the ‘Stang was for cool cats. Half a century before people like Nelly and Kelly Clarkson were busy flossing their dubbed equine Fords, Steve McQueen was burning serious rubber with one all over the hilly streets of San Francisco in 1968’s “Bullitt,” while Jim Morrison was just trying to find his own after smashing it against a telephone pole, then ditching it to go party in LA. Allegedly. Oh, the fun annoyances you might run into with your very own green face “Mustang” watch (stallion logo and all) with a racing themed brown calfskin strap and folding clasp.

Finally, the “Shelby Cobra” model welcomes you in blue with white ornaments, a nod to the racing colors of the car. The Cobra was created by American driver and 24 Hours of Le Mans winner Carroll Shelby, who merged British chassis design with Yankee ingenuity (i.e. a badass engine). By shaking this cognate chronograph, you will merge Swiss quality timekeeping with serpentine style.

Start your engines.


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