Austin Dillon takes Spider and me in the Daytona 500

After an exhibit at the LA Coliseum two weeks ago that was fun to watch but sometimes frustrating to watch, NASCAR launches its series of cups with the MOAR (aces)… The Daytona 500… The season opener for NASCAR since 1982.

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And following the success we had with Barstool Carl at Pheonix last season, Spider and I will be taking the NASCAR virgins to a total of 5 races this season… Jeff D Lowe has already popped his race day cherry with us for Shockand now Eddie, Glenny and Marty will be with us in Florida for The Great American Breed where Spider and I enlisted some friends to break up the boys…

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We still have Bristol, Sonoma and Miami on the schedule, so if you have any recommendations on who we should bring to these exotic ports of call, drop them in the comments.

But on the big race this weekend…

Unlike the quarter-mile short track I mentioned earlier, Daytona is a superspeedway that measures 2.5 miles around its tri-oval shape, with 31-degree turns in the corner and 180 acres in the infield (including the 44-acre Lake Lloyd).

That means it’s MASSIVE… You can fit 5 of LA’s short runs in the Daytona infield…

Earlier this week we caught up with 2018 Daytona 500 winner Austin Dillon who is looking for another win this year driving the #3 Chevrolet Camaro for Richard Childress Racing while his former NFL cheerleader wife Whitney Dillon, watches from the bleachers seated in a giant black leather armchair, sipping champagne…

Austin’s interview is attached above and, as usual, it was a pleasure to sit down with him.

You know I cover boxing too, and it’s random with fighters who are either really nice guys (like Canelo and Fury) or total assholes (like the guys I’m scared to call)…So chatting with these ever-wonderful drivers week in and week out is a goddamn delight.

The Barstool Sportsbook has a full betting menu for the race and asked our opinion on a couple they want to highlight, so after much deliberation, this week Featured match is Denny Hamlin (Carl’s guy) versus Joey Logano (Frank the Tank’s guy).

Here’s why:

This is a clash of the two strongest drivers at Daytona/Talladega Super-speedways over the past half-decade, and both drivers have notably been among the strongest cars in Next-Gen off-road testing. season at Daytona and almost destroyed themselves at one point during the test.

Hamlin is a three-time Daytona 500 winner; Logano is a 1x Daytona 500 winner and Hamlin and Logano have placed 1st and 2nd in laps led at Superspeedways since February 2019.

Therefore, I picked them to face off… And I also threw Austin vs. Bubba in there, just for fun.

In addition to this head to head, the Sportsbook also increases the odds of winning both mine and Spider’s favorite…Spider goes with a more chalk pick to Ryan Blaney while I pick a longer shot to Tyler Reddick, who led through 52 laps in Los Angeles before the axel broke on his 3Chi sponsored Chevy Camaro.

So there’s plenty to bet and plenty to watch when you tune into FOX Sunday at 2:30 a.m. EST to watch the “Super Bowl of Stock Car RacingThe Daytona 500.

Enjoy the race.

Take a ride.


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