American Supercar: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 confirmed for Australia



Chevrolet has finally unveiled the all-new purebred Corvette Z06, but the best news doesn’t come from Detroit, but from Melbourne.

This is where General Motor Specialty Vehicles (GMSV) director Joanne Stogiannis confirmed new hero ‘Vette will be coming to Australia. It will join the Corvette C8 Stingray in the GMSV lineup, a car that has already become a sold-out success as Australia’s interest in the American sports car remains high.

COMING SOON: Chevrolet Corvette Z06

“It was announced this morning that the Corvette Z06 will be manufactured in left and right hand drive and we are extremely happy to confirm that GMSV in Australia and New Zealand will be part of the global program,” said Stogiannis.

GALLERY: 2023 Chevrolert Corvette Z06

“The news that the C8 was available in right-hand drive was reason enough to thrill Corvette enthusiasts, but this latest update is absolutely phenomenal. “

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

It is unclear when the Z06 will arrive in Australia and its cost, but the company has confirmed that it will be sold as a 2023 model year, indicating that a late 2022 launch is possible.

“Details such as price, estimated time of arrival and number of vehicles allocated to our market will be revealed next year,” Stogiannis explained.

“In the meantime, we look forward to the first C8 customer cars shipped from Bowling Green to Australia and New Zealand in the coming weeks and look forward to delivering them to their new owners.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be a Corvette fan! “

2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

There’s good reason to be excited as the Z06 is a track-oriented version of the very first mid-engined Corvette and is powered by the same engine at the heart of the C8.R which races in the IMSA Championship and at the Mans.

Known as the LT6, the new 5.5-liter V8 features an all-new flat-plane crankshaft design that allows the engine to run at 8,600 rpm, giving it a worthy soundtrack. of a great car. But it’s not all noise, the LT6 puts out 500kW of power and 623Nm of torque to make sure it goes as fast as it looks.

The Z06’s LT6 has been developed into the C8.R since these cars started testing and racing in 2019, so despite being an all-new engine, Chevrolet has already amassed extensive knowledge of the race conditions.

As expected, the Z06 features a revised body with a redesigned aerodynamic package compared to the Stingray, to optimize it for track use. There are also several aero kits available for customers to suit their preferences, with the standard Z06 package including a larger front splitter and a single rear spoiler with optional wicker spout that the owner can install if needed.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 2023 with the C8.R

If that’s not enough, there is an optional carbon fiber aero kit that includes a larger front splitter, front dive plans, underbody strakes and a large pedestal-mounted rear spoiler.

The wheel arches have been pumped to fit a larger set of wheels and tires. The standard configuration includes Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S 275/30 ZR20 tires at the front and 345/25 ZR21 at the rear.

Behind those larger wheels are bigger brakes, with Brembo discs 370mm up front and 380mm rear, with the fronts clamped by six-piston calipers.

It sits on the same suspension hardware as the Stingray, but benefits from a uniquely tuned setup with GM’s adaptive Magnetic Selective Ride Control 4.0 shocks.

If that doesn’t feel fast enough yet, Chevrolet offers the Z06 with the Z07 Performance Package. This includes the carbon fiber aero kit, as well as carbon-ceramic brakes with 398mm front rotors, unique suspension tuning, and carbon fiber wheels wrapped in Michelin Sport Cup 2 R ZP tires developed specifically for the car.

Chevrolet is understandably proud of its latest creation, which it says elevates the Corvette beyond being a sports car and into supercar territory, where it will compete with Ferrari 296 GTB, McLaren 720S and Porsche 911 Turbo.

“The new Corvette Z06 defines the American supercar,” said General Motors chairman – and former Holden chairman – Mark Reuss. “It builds on the distinctive design and revolutionary dynamics introduced with the mid-engined Corvette and elevates them to deliver refined but uncompromising track capabilities with world-class performance. “


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