After ‘Stuff’ Happens, Chevrolet Marketing Team Scrambles



He sent pre-dawn emails to his digital marketing, social media and advertising teams, as well as Chevy’s outside agencies. The team decided that Chevrolet would use three 30-second online videos that day – 10 days ahead of schedule – and add #TechnologyAndStuff messages to their taglines.

In a 7:30 a.m. meeting in their 29th-floor office at General Motors headquarters, the team decided to change one of the online spots for use on television, changing the voiceover to include “and stuff” at the end.

They quickly scoured prime-time TV opportunities and bought commercials when LeBron James aired that night of LeBron James’ first game with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Edwards’ team also decided to beat the late night comedians, buying seats on Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, David Letterman and Seth Meyers shows for that night, as well as a slot for the “Saturday Night Live” this weekend. aeration.

“At this point it’s still eight in the morning, so we didn’t know anything for sure,” Edwards says. “But if I’m a writer on one of these shows, it obviously has a lot of potential.”

Chevrolet followed with full-page nationwide ads in United States today and The New York Times, in the two Detroit dailies and in the San Francisco and Kansas City dailies, the World Series markets.

Edwards says traffic to Chevrolet’s Colorado site increased seven-fold over the next three days. Colorado captured 70 percent of the “social share of the voice,” or the percentage of truck conversations that people had online.

“I think we all understood the importance of social, but not to the extent that it worked in this situation,” Edwards said. “Our lesson is that you need to pay attention to conversations and, wherever possible, leverage them in your marketing to get attention to your brand in the right way. “


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