Abinader is the richest president in Latin America, according to Bloomberg

Abinader, Lasso and Bukele, the three richest presidents in Latin America according to Bloomberg.

The publication consists of a register containing information on the assets of several heads of state in the region.

Santo Domingo, DR
The President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, is the Latin American president who has accumulated the most considerable fortune, according to information shared by the specialized site Bloomberg Línea.

The publication consists of a record of wealth information for several heads of state in the region, which puts Abinader at the top of the list, almost doubling the wealth of the president, who takes second place.

For this study, Bloomberg Línea reporter Dolfi Gómez García referred to Abinader’s affidavit of wealth, filed in September 2020, where the Dominican politician reported wealth exceeding $76 million. US dollars (or RD$4,396 million).

This document indicates that Abinader owns an apartment worth RD$35.4 million, an additional 31 million dollars for jewelry and watches, 2.9 million audiovisual equipment and an additional 15 million pesos in works of art. ‘art.

He brought in 14.6 million pesos in appliances and furniture, another 23.4 million pesos, and having declared a residence of 78.4 million pesos.

Similarly, under miscellaneous income, the President declared 70 million 200,000 pesos for an administration trust.

Likewise, he reported that five vehicles were the most expensive of all Tesla automobiles, valued at 6.8 million pesos; two 2017 Ford SUVs, Escape model, valued at RD$1,618,032; a Chevrolet van for RD$1,167,224 and a jeep, also of this brand, for RD$1,589,638.

Regarding the inheritances received, the Head of State claimed to have received RD$393,085,047 from his deceased father, José Rafael Abinader Wasaf. At the same time, his father-in-law, Elías Arbaje Farah, received RD$3,267,484.

He also assured that he has a large part of his capital invested in shares of several companies that exceed RD$3,600 million, split between companies such as Imer, SA, O&M SAS and Estrella Corporation.


Abinader is followed on the list by his Ecuadorian counterpart, Guillermo Lasso, who, according to his sworn asset declaration last year, has a fortune of around $39.7 million.

Next is the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, with just over US$2.5 million; Mario Abdo Benitez, Paraguay, $953,973; Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil, $446,152; Luis Lacalle Pou, Uruguay, $385,990; Luis Arce, Bolivia, $358,916; Iván Duque, Colombia, 358,113 USD.

Also on the register are Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega with US$217,844; Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, $80,626; Argentine President Alberto Fernández, $46,190; Chilean President Gabriel Boric, US$36,956; and Peruvian President Pedro Castillo, US$22,342.

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