A 2JZ-powered Ford F-150 vs. a Chevrolet Jimmy

Hoonigan’s most famous YouTube series may well be This versus that. In this series, they take two very different and very cool performance cars to see how they compare. And they usually have insane power levels too.

In this epic contest, they brought their own Fast and Furious inspired 2JZ powered Ford F-150 at the track, while the other car is Hoonigan’s own Zac and his 572 ci Big Block Chevrolet K5 Jimmy.

The scary and the Jimmy

The Ford F-150 carries the moniker The Frightening, and the specs certainly live up to that name. The 2JZ is something else, with a 2JZ and a Garrett turbo, and it makes around 500 hp. Less than the Jimmy, but it’s definitely a smaller vehicle. And the guys show a picture of the truck when they had it, and needless to say, it’s had one hell of a makeover. The 1978 Jimmy, on the other hand, has a 572 ci Chevy engine, and despite being a daily driver, it has a staggering 700 hp. And that takes quite a bit of gas. But how do they stack up?

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Get into drag racing

Jimmys vs F-150 This vs That Drag Race Drone View
via Hoonigan’s YouTube channel

Most of the Hoonigan guys think Zac will win the races, but how does that actually happen? Well, on lap one, a traditional 1,000-foot head-to-head, it was The Frightening who took the win despite a slight jump for the F-150 that saw it bog down.

And it was a super tight contest. So for lap two, the two cars line up for lap two, which is a 500-foot race with Zac getting the hit. And Zac this time, despite his sketchy appearance, is able to beat the F-150 to the line.

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Everything to play in the best of three

Jimmys vs F-150 This vs That Drag Race Bonus Round Start
via Hoonigan’s YouTube channel

Suppy driving the F-150 definitely missed the shift, and so lap three is another 500-foot one-on-one, but this time with a standard start for both cars. It’s Zac who gets the win again, to give Jimmy the overall win. For a bonus round, Suppy is then traded to Dan in the F-150 for another 500ft one-on-one with Zac, but that doesn’t change anything as Zac wins again to show how powerful the Jimmy is. .

Source: Hoonigan YouTube Channel


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