1978 Chevrolet Corvette sitting for years in need of a good wash and full restoration



When hearing about a Chevrolet Corvette that has been around for years, most people want to check for rust first, especially since the majority of owners who end up parking their cars for a long time, whether in a barn or in a garage, end up forgetting these vehicles and therefore leaving them all abandoned, sometimes not necessarily in the best conditions.

But on the other hand, many barn finds prove the exact opposite, as a car that spends several years in one place doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a total bucket of rust.

And the Corvette we have here is more or less living proof of that, because it comes in solid condition even after being parked for a long time.

EBay seller arminhott87 says their 1978 Corvette needs a full makeover, but as you can easily find out by just looking at the photos in the gallery, the first thing it would need is actually a good wash. The interior, in particular, looks quite dirty, so whoever ends up buying the car has to clean it thoroughly first so they can then understand more precisely what can still be saved.

The owner, however, provided very little information about the car, and although they said what you see is what you get, we don’t even know if the engine is still running.

Or, more importantly, whether the powertrain under the hood is still the original one or not and whether large parts have already been replaced since the Vette left the factory.

But at first glance, this 1978 Corvette seems like a strong candidate for a restoration, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out in person. The car is located in Miami, Florida, if you hope to see it live before a purchase.

And speaking of buying, it looks like this car is getting a lot of attention these days as the auction received over 30 bids in just a few days online. The highest bid right now is $ 1,600.


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