1974 Chevy C10 Farm Truck wins big at Mecum Harrisburg

Nearly a full week after Mecum Auctions’ July 27-30 event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, MotorTrend’s content producers are still talking (and shaking their heads) about some of the mind-blowing wheel deals that generated a gross sales record of $40 million. for the supply of 1,200 vehicles.

Over the seven events broadcast on MotorTrend+ and MotorTrend TV, exceptional truck prices – in our view, some unfairly low and some ridiculously high – set the standard for Mecum’s 2022 campaign.

Perfect lump of clay

For Harrisburg, the Trucks and Off-Road Group’s Senior Content Producer, KJ Jones, pointed to this all-original 1974 Chevy C10, lot #S123, as one to watch as it rolled across the block on Saturday. C10 pickups from 1960 to 1987 typically fetch high prices at Mecum’s auctions, regardless of their physical and/or mechanical condition, so our interest in knowing the final price of this cream puff was very high, as this It’s a truck that’s ripe for radical modification or leaving in its unmolested condition.

Original factory throughout

As noted in our pre-auction report, this 1974 Chevy Custom 10 only offers entry-level, no-frills equipment, and very little of it (AM radio, heater/defroster). The Saddle Brown bench seat looks practically unseated.

under the hood

“Performance” is definitely not the strong suit of this 250ci I-6 engine. Our research revealed that the powertrain is rated at 155 horsepower and 235 lb-ft of torque. While “good” for its time, the anemic muscle is a far cry from the 500+ horsepower output of this supercharged, LS-traded square-body


When Mecum Auctioneer Jimmy Landis hit the final hammer for this 1974 Chevy C10, it was on its way to a new owner for about 25g more than our (internal/unpublished) estimate of $30,000. At $50,000 plus $5,000 in administrative fees, the pickup truck is proof that trucks are indeed valuable in their original condition (and provided they’re as well-preserved as this 723-mile example). The big question is, should they stay that way forever?

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