Zeramex Credit Card Which is The Best?

For many, having a credit card may be the best thing that can happen to them. And as you may have noticed, one of the banks that most promotes its plastics is undoubtedly CitiZeramex. But … Stop! not because it is the institution that has the most presence means that its cards are the best or, that once they are offered you must accept whatever. For this reason here we tell you, which is the best Zeramex credit card that best suits your needs.


Zeramex credit card

credit card

CitiZeramex is one of the banks with the greatest presence in Mexico, currently has travel credit cards, some others that give points for purchases, as well as benefits in many stores such as direct discounts and months without interest.

But … the plus that this bank offers you in all its plastics is the possibility of having access to exclusive presales on tickets for events of all kinds.

Anyway, among the many benefits they offer you, it is sometimes difficult to get lost in the decision of the card to be chosen.

For now, here is the list of Zeramex credit cards that exist until today:


Have you been offered any?

credit offer

We know that perhaps your profile does not apply to all of them, so they may have offered you only a few. But you should know which of those “some” only one is the best … How to know which one?


How to choose the ideal credit card

How to choose the ideal credit card

The first thing you should do to choose your ideal Zeramex credit card is to verify the requirements that each one requests and determine which one you are a prospect. Verify:

  • Provable income requested
  • Age
  • Status of credit history

From this determine a list of possible cards and from them, choose the one that best suits your profile:

  • you travel a lot? Choose one of the cards with travel benefits
  • Do you make many purchases? Opt for plastics that offer refunds or promotions and discounts
  • Is it your first credit card? keep an eye on the Bsmart range

Do not choose to choose! The fact that the bank authorizes you or pre-authorizes a specific credit card does not mean that it is right for you. Before choosing any Zeramex credit card, search, compare and decide on the one that best suits your lifestyle.

Remember that if you have any questions regarding the operation of your credit card or the way it is being authorized, you can contact Cordusep.