Steps to Follow if You are Dissatisfied With the Information of Your Credit Bureau

A couple of days ago a friend spoke to me with a hint of concern because she processed her credit report and realized that there were two credits she didn’t recognize; one of half a million pesos and another of 80 thousand pesos.

“Friend, what do I do? I’ve never had those credits, it’s more my finances don’t give to pay those amounts. There is also an address that I don’t recognize, that worries me, ”he told me.

 I replied you have to make a clarification, but how? questioned me.

By law, you have the right to file up to two claims at no cost per year. In a single claim, you can object to the information in your entire special credit report if you wish. Additional claim requests cost 89 pesos.


Reasons why you can file a claim

credit claim

Personal data: Name, RFC or date of birth.

Private and / or work addresses:

  • Select the name you want to modify.
  • Enter the address you want to add.

Modify and / or delete a credit

  • Select the credit you wish to remove
  • Enter the changes you want to see reflected in your credit report.


The process to initiate a Claim is very simple

The process to initiate a Claim is very simple

To begin, you must complete this claim format (format) and attach a copy of the Special Credit Report where the nonconformity is; This must not be more than 90 days old. Likewise, a copy of the official identification in force (INE, Passport or FM2) and a copy of documents that support your claim to have them.

Once the Credit Bureau receives the claim, it is sent to the corresponding credit grantor for analysis and validation. While your claim is being analyzed, the Credit Bureau includes in your credit report the legend “Contested registration” in the credit you do not recognize.

However, if the grantor considers that the claim is inadmissible, he will have to present evidence to support his position.


And if my claim is not answered, what happens?

credit claim

If the credit grantor does not respond, Credit Bureau makes the correction to your credit history as requested.

Credit Bureau , sends you the response of the claim in a period not exceeding 45 days from the receipt of the documentation. However, in the cases where the modification to the information registered in Bora is appropriate, a corrected special credit report will be sent along with the response to the claim, as well as to all credit grantors who have consulted your history in the last six months


What happens if my claim is not satisfactory to me?

unsatisfied credit

If the answer to your complaint is not satisfactory to you, you have the right to include a statement of up to 200 words in your special credit report where you will have to explain the reason for your disagreement. The Declarativa service is completely free. Here the format.

In this declaration you will have to attach; copy of official identification (INE, valid passport or FM2).

Once you have an answer to your claim and you remain dissatisfied, take into account that you can continue your case by managing a hearing with the grantors before the Condusef , if the challenge is for a bank loan or before Profeco , if the credit is not bank .

Take into account that claims can also be made before Condusef if your challenge is a bank loan and before Profeco, if your claim is a non-bank loan.