LOANS WITHOUT GUARANTEE | Where to apply for a loan without an endorsement

Loans without endorsement

Are there loans without endorsement?…

N ecesitar funding is as natural in the world in which we live, virtually everyone has gone through that situation at some point in their economic life.

However, sometimes the bank requires that we provide an endorsement, which is usually a family or friend, so that, in case we can not continue paying the loan, the person who supports us will answer for us.

This from the point of the bank is simple: if the client does not pay me, there is another person who can pay me.

However, when we see it from a more personal point of view, it is not so simple and has also brought problems to many families and friends.

If you need money and do not want to compromise anyone, requesting one of the personal loans may be the solution to your need for financing.

As we always say from creditore to get a loan that really fits our needs is not always easy in traditional banking, your loans usually require a guarantor and this is something that users do not like.

The problem of the guarantors

The fact of having to ask someone to endorse you is not very pleasant, especially because the other person is really put in a compromise.

In addition, many times we think that someone’s economy is good enough to endorse us, and it turns out that he has some very important economic problems, and we really put him in the commitment of having to say no, or endorse us without being able to do so.

In addition, there is no doubt that more than once there have been families who have quarreled, or friends who have not talked to each other again due to economic issues such as guarantors, etc.

Therefore, and with the advances we have today in the world of financing, we can say that it is much smarter and healthier to apply for a loan without endorsement.

Are there loans without collateral?

Of course yes.

Nowadays you can apply from your home and without having to do paperwork, loans that you can request without needing an endorsement to ensure that you will repay the loan.

Moreover, you can apply for a loan without a guarantee even if you do not have a payroll.

This means that if you have any other type of regular and demonstrable income, you can access the loan as easily as someone who has a payroll.

You could use an unemployment benefit, a pension, the income you have for being autonomous, etc.

Conditions of the loans without endorsement

Although applying for a loan without a guarantor makes things much easier for us in that we do not have to compromise anyone else’s economy, it is also true and we must bear in mind that if we do not have an endorsement, the entire responsibility of the loan is ours and only ours

Therefore, in the event of default, we will be solely responsible.

Therefore, we must take into account some conditions that we must meet to be good candidates for loans without endorsement:

Have a stable income

Have a stable and sufficient income to make the loan payment within the term and conditions that we have requested from the lender.

This income must be demonstrable.

Therefore, if we are in Financial Credit Institutions, we charge €500 in black, and we have no demonstrable income, even if it is a lender that accepts loans without collateral, without payroll and with Financial Credit Institutions we will have it badly to get the money.

Credit history sanitized

It is also quite important that we do not have debts for non-payment of other loans, since by applying a very simple principle, if the lender sees that you usually leave the loans unpaid, you will not want to grant the financing you are looking for.

Without Financial Credit Institutions

If you are in Financial Credit Institutions, there are loans for you.

However, you should keep in mind that no lender will accept your application if you have loan debts or bank debts.

In addition, there will be a maximum amount of acceptable debt that will determine the lender. In some cases it can be €1,000, €2,000 or €3,000.

Loans without endorsement in 24 hours

Fulfilling these conditions it will be very easy to request a loan without endorsement.

For this you just have to go to our quick credit comparison without endorsement, etc.

And after comparing and choosing, click on request to begin the application for your loan easily and quickly.