Loan creditic | Offers to request money while at Financial Credit Institutions

Line of credit of up to € 3,000

Fast online credits were born with the idea of ​​facilitating financing in a simple way to customers who need it.

The management should be quick as well as the return period as well.

Since it is a loan that is requested at a time of lack of cash, to deal with an unforeseen event.

However, with experience the lenders have been improving their conditions and making them more attractive to be able to help their clients even more.

With more modern and adaptive financing methods, more and more people rely on this type of financing to obtain the money they need quickly and easily.

It is also true that every day there are more companies offering these fast loans online.

This is the case of creditic, this is an online loan company that I will discuss in today’s article.

Creditic enters the world of quick loans

Creditic enters the world of quick loans

creditic is a lender that has specialized in the granting of fast online loans.

Due to its acceptance system you can apply for a loan or loan right now and have it approved in just a few moments.

This means that you can get the money in your bank account in only 15 minutes.

As is the case with most of the quick loans we offer in our quick loan comparison.

However, creditic has a particularity: it not only offers a personal loan, but also offers the possibility of accessing a line of credit.

Today I will show you the characteristics of both creditic products, so you can decide if they are right for you, and which of the two is the best in your situation.

Personal loan of up to € 3,000 in 24 months

The amount that you can get with the personal loan of creditic is similar to that in the case of the line of credit, only that it is from € 500 to € 3,000.

You can return the money you have borrowed in a maximum of 24 months and the monthly interest will be from 4.16% TIN (from 81% APR).

This personal loan is 100% which means that you can request it in full from your terminal connected to the Internet.

Enjoying this comfort is a great advantage, we can do it from our home or our office, with comfort and tranquility.

What makes this lender different from the others?

What makes this lender different from the others?

One of the lenders that has wanted to differentiate itself from the rest of the lenders and offer a more flexible service to attract a greater number of clients is creditic.

We are going to see some points that make creditic a fast credit lender online different from the rest.

With creditic you can get up to € 3,000 in a very simple way, with hardly any paperwork and from home, without leaving the couch.

A different financing

This is very similar to what all the fast credit services offer, however, creditic has decided to go further by adding these three characteristics:

Month of respite

creditic offers you the possibility of requesting a ” respite month ” when you need it.

This means exactly that you can defer payment of the fee up to 30 days.

For this you only have to notify creditic that you need this month of respite, and pay € 20 in concept of additional costs for the service offered.

This comes in handy, for when you have an emergency for which you can not afford to pay the loan fee.

Having the peace of mind to be able to postpone the payment for a month, is a very deep respite. With what we will avoid over-indebtedness and we will be able to face the quota next month.

So, if your economic situation is unbalanced, you can have a little margin to get the money.

This is one of the characteristics that makes creditic a flexible lender.

Change of payment date

Has it ever happened to you that the payroll is delayed enough days for your entire economic life to be unbalanced?

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, this usually happens more than it should.

Sometimes it’s not even anyone’s fault, but the bank’s paperwork takes longer than it should be to deposit the money.

In the face of such a situation, would not it be great to be able to change the loan payment date for a few days later?

Let’s see a possible situation:

If it happens that day 1 was the date of payment of your loan, and the payroll does not enter it until day 3 (because 1 is Saturday, for example),

In this situation you can notify creditic and change the date of payment of that fee for day 3 or 4.

This will cost € 5, but it will save you from a major hurry and save you from having to pay more money for the delay.

Loan increase

creditic not only makes it easier for you to make the loan payment, but also, if you need to increase the loan amount, you can do it for free.

You just need to get in touch with them and tell them you need more money.

What shows its flexibility throughout the procedure.

Line of credit of up to € 3,000

One of the options that the creditic lender gives you is to request a line of credit, as I have already mentioned.

This line of credit can be between € 100 and € 3,000.

Its functionality is usually like that of the credit cards we use every day.

With this type of financing you can get the money you need and when you need it and pay interest only for the money you have as we do with credit cards.

The first time you get money is free, and the others have a commission of 3.99%.

The amount you obtain through this line of credit can be returned up to 36 months.

And, in addition, a great advantage for this line of credit is that if you want to amortize the capital that you have taken in advance (pay the debt ahead of time), you can do it without any additional cost.

Advantages of creditic’s financial services

Advantages of creditic

In addition to the ones that I have highlighted in the previous paragraphs, I will name you some more.

This way you can realize how this lender stands out from the rest.

The advantages are the following, note:

  • The simplicity of requesting any of the products, as it is quickly and easily.
  • You can have in just a few minutes up to € 3,000 to solve your need.
  • You can choose between an open line of credit or a loan, as simple as that.
  • creditic has an additional option, it means that each month it reminds you of the fee you must pay back, so you will never forget the payments.
  • You can see whenever you want all the movements in your personal area of ​​the web.
  • If you want, you can save interest by paying your loan in advance, without any additional cost.
  • You can choose the payment method, if you prefer bank transfer or from the debit card. You choose.
  • In the line of credit, you can withdraw whenever you want the amount of money you need, and you only pay for the amount withdrawn. You do not pay anything for opening the line, or for having it.
  • By simulating the loan you can see the amount of interest that you will have to pay, in this way you can compare with other financial products of the online market.
  • You can reunify your debts, without any problem. Being able to get a lower interest than your current loans.
  • It does not include any type of commission (neither opening, nor study, nor early repayment) and does not entail any type of linked product.

Steps to apply for a loan creditic

Steps to apply for a loan creditic

The steps to apply for a loan are very simple to follow, and truthful.

You just have to follow them to the letter.

And are next:

  1. Enter into our credit section, select Apply at creditic and fill out the form.
  2. Choose the amount of money you need and the deadline to return it.
  3. In just a few minutes, they will confirm if your loan has been approved and you can enjoy your money at the moment.

What do you need to request a financial service?

What do you need to request a financial service?

To apply for one of creditic’s financial services, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be of age
  • Have permanent residence in Spain
  • Have ID or NIE
  • Have a bank account under your name
  • Have a mobile line

If you meet all the aforementioned requirements, you can request one of these creditic financial products.

This lender offers you good conditions so that you can request one of its products, being able to cover your economic needs.