Loan charging unemployment Is it possible, what options do I have? ↴

Loan charging unemployment Is it possible?

Can I get a loan charging the unemployment?…

This question is more common than we might want, many people who are collecting unemployment may be in need of borrowing money.

Request a loan of money being unemployed is a necessity on many occasions, you may wonder if it is possible or not to get a mini loan unemployed, I will give you an answer to that and other questions in this article.

These small loans can be an interesting source of financing for unemployed without endorsement, if you wish you can know the offer from the microcredit comparator of our website. In a positive view of the current economic situation, we can see that the number of people who are currently unemployed is lower than it was a few months or a few years ago.

However, according to the newspaper flinewspaper, in January this year 2018 the number of unemployed registered in the offices of public employment services rose by 63,747 unemployed, the total number of unemployed in Spain is a total of 3,476,528.

Although the figure is lower than it was a while ago, if it is true that it is still alarmingly high. And these three and a half million people, it is possible that at some point they are in need of financing. That’s why today we are going to talk about the loans charging unemployment, which can be requested by people who are unemployed receiving the unemployment benefit.

Can I get a loan charging the unemployment?

As I said earlier this is a question that many people are asking that is currently charging unemployment benefit in Spain.

And is that reality always teaches us a lot, we all can happen at any given time find ourselves out of work and receiving unemployment benefits and need funding to solve a problem so a loan charging unemployment would be the solution. The answer is yes, if you are collecting unemployment you can get a loan and cover it with unemployment income.

The loans of money being unemployed have some characteristics different from the others and today we will see what they are. Also, today I will tell you the different types of loans for unemployed people with benefits that you can access from the Internet. But let’s start by knowing how to get your loan while unemployed, which will surely be the most practical part of this article and that’s why I placed it at the beginning.

And it is that, at a given moment it can happen to all of us, being unemployed is more common than we all would like. We have to be prepared for this kind of situations.

How to apply for a loan while unemployed?

Cómo solicitar un préstamo estando en el paro

If you are one of the 3,476,528 unemployed in our country, it is possible that at some point you need fast financing, this is normal and much more common than we think. Having access to financing at any time of our lives is a great advantage that can help us maintain our standard of living without being affected by the ups and downs in our work.

Let’s see now how we can apply for a loan charging unemployment through the Internet and safely. To begin, let’s see what are the steps to get the borrowed money we need this time.

Steps to apply for loans for unemployed with benefits

If you find yourself in need of borrowing money when you find yourself receiving the unemployment benefit, these are the 7 steps you should follow. Remember that applying for a loan for unemployed with benefits is very similar to applying for a conventional one.

7 steps for loans without justified income

  1. Decide how much money you really need
  2. Choose what type of financing you are most interested in
  3. Know the current offers of that product
  4. Compare between several lenders
  5. Collect the necessary documentation
  6. Submit your application online
  7. Accept the offer that the lender sends you

These would be the main steps to obtain the money we need. Obviously each lender will have different characteristics and steps to follow. Doing a good study before sending the application is very important, it will help us to have more options of approved in our application. Can you apply for a loan by collecting unemployment? The loans being unemployed and Financial Credit Institutions are a reality, requesting a mini loan in unemployment is possible on the Internet with total security. 

It is important to know that, even if we are not working and earning money through a payroll, we must have a demonstrable and regular income, enough to repay the loan when it does (except in secured loans).

Therefore, if we are unemployed, but receiving the benefit, as it is a demonstrable and regular income, if it is enough to repay the loan that we are going to request, it is very possible that we can get the urgent financing we need.

Asking for a loan while being paid unemployment is a real possibility.

Note: From Creditore we want to emphasize the importance of having a good family budget with which to know what the economy situation is in order to make the best decisions before applying for financing.

Types of loans to which we can access by charging unemployment

Los préstamo a los que podemos acceder cobrando el paro

After having made it clear that if you can apply for a loan, even if we are unemployed or unemployed and how we have to apply for this loan, now we have to talk about the different types of options we have. When we have decided that we need to borrow money first, as we have already said, it is to know how much we need.

And it is that, depending on that data, we will know what type of financing we are going to have to use. In principle, there are two types of financing that we can access if we are receiving unemployment unemployment. Let’s now look at these two options separately, this will help us understand their differences.

Mini unemployment loans

This is the financing option most used for its speed and simplicity. How well its name indicates these mini unemployed loans are small credits for users who are receiving the unemployment subsidy. The amounts of money you can request range from 50 euros to 1,000 euros.

The repayment term of these mini loans in unemployment can vary from 5 days to 90 days.

This financial product does not need a guarantee and in some of the occasions you can request it, even if you are in the Financial Credit Institutions or RAI (as long as the note is not derived from a financial product or superior to € 2,500). The paperwork is quite small since the quantities are not very high.

The response time is usually less than 24 business hours and the money is paid in a matter of minutes if your account matches the banks used by the lender. In a few words we can say that it is probably the best option to get loan money if we are unemployed.

Personal loans being unemployed with guarantee

If you need more than 1,000 euros this will be the financing product you should go to. Personal loans being unemployed with collateral are loans without proof of income. All these credits can be requested without having to show a recurring income since to request them you have to provide a guarantee.

And I’m not talking about providing a guarantee, you have to provide a guarantee such as a house or a car. Although, it is not one of the most recommended products, if it is true that it is the only way to get money borrowed from an amount higher than 1,000 euros. There are two different types of personal loans being unemployed with an Internet guarantee that you can access, these are:

Loans with mortgage collateral charging the unemployment

They are loans in which you have to put your house as a guarantee of payment of your credit. By general rule you can request 40% of the value of the property with a minimum of € 5,000 up to a maximum of € 100,000. The repayment term of these loans ranges from 6 months to 10 years according to offer.

As an added value to this type of financing we have to add that it accepts registered users in the Financial Credit Institutions or similar lists.

Personal loan for your car

As your description indicates, these are guaranteed loans with the guarantee of your own car. If you have a vehicle in your name and free of charge you can use it to access a loan of up to € 10,000 maximum, regardless of whether you are unemployed. The repayment term of this financial product varies according to the lender you choose. In some cases you can continue using your vehicle.

Before applying for credit while unemployed

From Creditore we always want to help the users who visit us to get the best possible financing. That is why we work every day to improve and offer the best financial products, but our effort is not there. In addition to offering advice and practical information to get a decent and safe financing, we also give practical advice to learn how to save every month in our family budget, for example in water consumption.

It is not always about earning more, sometimes it is about spending less. So having a monthly budget can help us a lot. We have already spoken on other occasions the importance of making a good family budget, we have given examples and advice to carry it out in the best possible way. The benefits of creating this budget are many. But even so, sometimes and due to some unforeseen event that is outside our budget, we need an urgent credit.

The problem comes when we are unemployed and we do not have a payroll to prove income. Before applying for financing to collect unemployment, it is very important that we are clear about how we are going to deal with each of the payments. Let’s program our economy so that we can face that responsibility with total security.

Once we have decided to make the request, it is important that we gather all the necessary documentation, the last income statement, personal documentation, bank statement, etc. Preparing well before requesting money will help us to have many more chances of being accepted.

Can you ask for a loan if you are receiving unemployment? What are the best credits and loans for the unemployed? We help you apply for your credit while unemployed. Now it only remains to know the offers that are currently on the Internet to get our financing by collecting the unemployment subsidy.

The best urgent loans for the unemployed

Now it is the turn of urgent loans for unemployed people with a guarantee, as I explained, they are loans with which you can apply up to € 100,000. You have to bear in mind that there are two types, the first will be the loans for your car and the second will be the loans with mortgage guarantee. In both cases it does not matter that you are unemployed, but you will need to offer a guarantee.

Before requesting any of these financial products it is very important that we are clear that if we do not comply with the payment we will lose the guarantee that we have deposited.

Summing up the options for a loan charging unemployment

Like these credits that we have mentioned, in Creditore we compared many more online credits for which it is not necessary to have a payroll that justifies our income. Whether we are receiving unemployment benefit, a retirement benefit or we are self-employed and our income is not governed by a payroll; we can request the urgent money we need. The loan being unemployed is a reality for everyone.

Although the best option is to save money for later use when emergencies arise, that would be ideal but you know it is not easy. If you are able to learn how to save a little money each month it can be very appropriate. Remember that we are available 24 hours a day to help you compare the best financial services in the market in our online comparators.

In our free App for mobile, you can download and take with you, to request the money you need wherever you are, and at what time, and have it in your account in less than 15 minutes.