I need money and I do not have a salary What do I do, ask for a loan?


The case of non-payroll loans is a hot topic. In these times in which we live it is more and more frequent to find people who need money, but who can not access loans from banks because they do not have a payroll that serves as collateral or because they are in the Financial Credit Institutions and this makes the banks reject your request for one. Due to the labor situation we are living in Spain, in which employment is not stable. Since today we are in this job and tomorrow we do not know.

Banks increasingly lend less money to people who are not lucky enough to have a fixed contract. It is true that many people have to make an effort to make ends meet.

From this blog of Creditore we always give advice to learn how to save a little each month in expenses and thus be able to have more money when the end of the month arrives. But if you still can not reach the end of the month, then you have to take another series of measures, such as applying for a loan.

As a general rule, banks do not lend money if the client does not have a payroll, so going to the bank to request a loan without a payroll is not an option. They deny these operations because they do not see in these clients enough guarantees so that they can return the borrowed money and their interests. In today’s article I will thoroughly explain everything you need to know about non-payroll loans.

What are the requirements, where to apply, I will also tell you the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining this product, I will describe some of the credits you can request and some other things that may be of interest to you.

What is a loan without a payroll?

A loan without a payroll actually refers to any type of loan that does not require a payroll as a source of income for the loan to be granted. However, it is necessary that you can verify that you have other sources of income to be able to repay the loan. Many people confuse loans without payroll with loans in which it is not necessary to have demonstrable income. This is a mistake. The lenders allow you to apply for the money, even if you do not have a payroll. But this means that you must have another type of stable and demonstrable source of income.

This income can come either from an unemployment benefit, a retirement pension, the income you have for being a freelancer, etc. It does not matter and it does not need to be a payroll, as long as there is enough income to repay the loan under the conditions requested and it is a demonstrable income. It is also necessary that you meet the requirements that I will describe later. If you want to know some business ideas that do not require an investment do not miss the article that talks about that topic.

If I do not have a salary, can I apply for a loan?

The reality is that having a payroll makes it much easier to grant an immediate loan. But this does not mean that if you do not have a payroll you will not be able to access these financing methods on the rise. As I said before, there are other ways to justify your income, which are regular and sufficient to cope with the reimbursement of your instant credit, such as, for example,

  • Some government benefit (unemployment)
  • A scholarship
  • Rent of some property (house, premises, car, etc.)
  • Retirement pension
  • Autonomous
  • Any other type of income that you receive on a regular basis, that is justifiable and sufficient to face the payment of the credit.

If you have any of the income that I mentioned here, you can have access to get a loan without having a payroll, with all the guarantees that a quality service can offer.

What income do I need to apply?

When you are going to ask for a loan without having a payroll it is understood that you want to have the best chances that your credit will be accepted easily. Therefore, I will give you some ideas of how your income should be in order to get a loan without the aforementioned salary.

You must have these three characteristics in your income to be able to access a credit without the endorsement of a payroll :

  • Regular income: Your income should be regular, which means that it will not help if one month you earn a lot of money, if after three months you have not earned anything. The income must be regular, or what is the same, periodic.
  • Sufficient income : The income you earn must be a minimum enough to cover the loan installments or the loan in full if you have requested a 30-day microcredit.
  • Justifiable income : The lender to whom you request the money will not ask for more than two or three papers, and one of them is a proof of this income. Therefore, an income charged “in black” will not be used, without invoices, supporting documents, without going through the bank.

Requirements for these financial products

The main requirements of fast loans without payroll are the usual ones in any financing service that we can find. Take good note of each of them to know if you meet the essential requirements:

  • Have a valid DNI or NIE
  • Be a Spanish resident
  • Be of age
  • Have a mobile phone number in our name
  • Have a bank account in which you are the owner
  • Have a demonstrable recurring source of income
  • Fulfilling these simple requirements you can access the vast majority of quick loans without payroll offered by entities.

Of course, you must take into account some other aspect, such as, for example, if you are registered in a list of delinquencies such as the Financial Credit Institutions. If so, the conditions would also be that the debt for which you have entered a list of delinquency is not a bank or financial entity, and in most cases that this debt does not exceed € 1,000.

What options do I have for a loan if I do not have a payroll?

Well, but then if the bank does not lend me the money I need, what can I do?… Most likely, the only solution you have is to go to a private company that provides loans without payroll. The first advantage of these lenders is that the procedure is 100% online.

These entities follow other parameters when it comes to studying their potential clients, since it is not necessary to have a payroll to be granted the loan. One advantage of using private entities to apply for a loan without having a payroll is the speed and agility of the application process. Thanks to Fintech technology, the process to apply for a credit in a private online entity is much faster than in a bank.

Since in just 5 minutes you can fill out the application for the money you need. And in another few minutes you can have an answer, which in the case of affirmative money you will have entered at the moment in your checking account. For these reasons the request for loans without payroll in private entities has increased in the last quarter by 29%.

People increasingly prefer to make these requests from the comfort of your computer or mobile terminal, without having to travel to the bank and make the queue shift.

Also, without a payroll it is impossible to get a loan with traditional banks. What are the options for applying for a credit without payroll on the Internet? We present your best options. Click to tweet

Quick credits without payroll advantages and disadvantages

Now, as every product or service has a series of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to your application or contract. Let’s analyze some of these advantages and disadvantages that we will have to face when requesting our money.

This will help us make better decisions based on knowledge.

Advantages of these quick credits

Let’s see what are the main advantages of these online credit services without payroll:

  • Having a smaller amount of requirements is much more accessible and simple to make the request
  • The money will be deposited in a matter of minutes in your bank account
  • The application process is 100% online, which allows you to do it from where it’s most convenient for you
  • It is completely confidential, no one will find out that you have requested a quick credit without a payroll, unless you tell it to yourself
  • You can make the refund in advance and save money in the interests of the agile credit
  • If it is your first fast online loan, you will be able to get offers from different entities so that it comes out totally free (without commissions or interests)

Disadvantages of quick credits

On the contrary, these products also have a number of disadvantages that you must take into account when making the request for credit.

Keeping these disadvantages in mind can protect us from over-indebtedness.

  • You must be aware of the cost of the loan, as a general rule if you ask for € 100 at 30 days you will have to return the € 100 loans plus interest of approximately € 15 and € 35
  • As a general rule, with the exception of personal loans without payroll, you can only access amounts below € 1,000
  • In case you do not pay the credit on time, the fees for non-payment are really high.

How to get a loan without having a payroll?

In Creditore we believe that the fact of being in an unemployment situation should not be a condition to be able or not to apply for a loan or credit. Even if you are in a delinquency register such as the Financial Credit Institutions or RAI you deserve to have the opportunity to request a loan that suits your needs. All people have contingencies and problems in which they need money urgently to solve them. Not only does our platform think like that, but many private entities share this thinking, so I’ll show you some credits and loans that you can request without a payroll. As a general rule, these services need an endorsement that guarantees that you can face the debt you are going to incur. For example some other type of monthly income.

Although it is not essential, since there are some credits that can be requested without the need to demonstrate income of any kind, I will tell you later what is this interesting financial product.

I need money, where can I get a loan?

As I said before, applying for financing without a payroll is not an option in traditional banking. So to be able to get this type of financing and do it in a safe way you will have to do it through the Internet and on specialized platforms. Depending on the amount of money you need you can go to the mini – credit comparison or our personal credit comparison that you will find on this page. Three options to finance reforms, purchases of a car or any other project without the need of having a payroll. These are some of the options to apply for loans without payroll of 1000 euros or more. You do not need to say more about that… I need 1000 euros for tomorrow. What do I do?

Another option that must be studied is to request a credit card without payroll, it is not the same as a loan but it can help us make deferred payments when we need it. In the case that we decide that a credit card can be interesting for us, it is important that we know some tricks with the cards, to use them correctly and not to pay more commissions.

Tips for obtaining a loan without the endorsement of a payroll

Creditore is a platform that takes this work very seriously, for this reason all the products that appear in the comparator are reviewed and verified that they are 100% safe and reliable.

We have created an article that tells us ” How to request the best flexible loan ” you can read it here.

In addition, periodic careful investigations are carried out and if there is something that does not fit, the product of the comparators is eliminated until the matter in question is clarified and verified.

Consejos para obtener un préstamo sin el aval de una nómina

But if you decide to choose another lender it is necessary that you take these tips into account:

  1. You must make sure before entering any type of personal data that the website is secure, through some type of TRUST certificate or Https: //.
  2. Read well and understand the sections of the contract that you are going to sign. In case you do not understand any or do not agree with it, tell the lender.
  3. Until the contract is signed and you have received the money, DO NOT make any transfer or payment to the lender for management or any other type of commission.
  4. The expenses are included in the cost of the loan, so you should NOT make any type of income other than to pay a share of the instant credit that you are already enjoying.

Do not hesitate to apply all these tips, I assure you that they will avoid many scares and problems.

We have all heard of the scams that happen at the time of requesting financing through the Internet.

It is our responsibility to protect ourselves against the scams. We can learn to protect ourselves against loan scams, and thus stay safer.

You already know how to finance your projects and ideas…

Sometimes the need to get money and not having a payroll, you can believe that the doors of credit are closed.

However, since you have been able to see a loan without having a payroll as a guarantee, it is not a complicated or impossible task as some think, since there are many ways to get it. As easy as finding the best loan suitable for your financial needs and meet the requirements of the lender.

It is important to know the options that you have available, although at the moment you do not need them, since you do not know when an unexpected event will arise and you will need urgent money. Whenever we talk about economy and financing we talk about making a good family budget so that no economic citation takes us by surprise. Therefore, if you are thinking about carrying out a project, but you do not have enough money, do not think about it anymore, here is the solution even if you do not have a payroll or you are in a delinquency register such as the Financial Credit Institutions.

I hope that this article has helped you to get the money without payroll you needed to be able to compare the different possibilities of credits. If you want to know more about these services you have more information in the menu above. We remind you that when applying for financing it is not obligatory that you contract a life insurance, that is what is called linked product and it is not obligatory, we tell you more about this subject in this article.

And if you have any questions, I will gladly help you as much as possible, get in touch with us through our mail, our social networks or in the comments.You can help more people with this information, so it would be important that you help me share it.