Debt consolidation and additional liquidity: when and how to request it?

Are you looking for a type of loan that helps you pay off all current loans ? Furthermore, do you need additional liquidity to finance your expenses and to meet urgent and unforeseen needs? Well, then you’ve come to the right page for yourself.

The credit solution proposed by Good Finance is to request the loan for debt consolidation and obtain an additional amount of liquidity.

Let’s find out in this guide how debt consolidation works and how to request it.

Debt consolidation: technical and functional characteristics

Debt consolidation: technical and functional characteristics

Debt consolidation is a credit product that is increasingly requested by those who already have one or more loans or salary backed loans to pay off all debts and merge the various repayment installments into a single “lighter” and more convenient monthly payment .

Thanks to the consolidation of debts

Each customer will have only one deadline to be met for the payment of the repayment installment and the interest rate will be much more convenient.

Thanks to the debt consolidation contract you will be able to review the contractual conditions with the creditor institution, review the amortization plan, extend the life of the new loan and obtain greater liquidity.

Debt consolidation: when and how to request it?

Debt consolidation: when and how to request it?

To avoid the risk of over-indebtedness and to manage monthly expenses more easily, debt consolidation is the perfect credit solution that allows each client to avoid possible delays or oversights .

To request debt consolidation you need:

  • be of age (aged between 18 and 75)
  • have a permanent employment contract, with a minimum of 6 months of employment for employees
  • be the owner of a VAT number
  • to be retired
  • possession of a good credit position (absence of protests, foreclosures or “bad payer”).

To request a debt consolidation no presentation of collateral (pledge or mortgage rights on the assets owned by the applicant) is required.

For more information or to receive a personalized estimate , contact a Good Finance consultant and find out what credit solutions are reserved for you.